More of the same

thumbnailAnd another one in the safe. I think I may have hit the Magic Number and need to stop picking these things up. At this point I guess I’ll just keep my eyes open for the late versions that had accessory rails.

12 thoughts on “More of the same

  1. The amount you have it willn’t be long before they start breeding like rabbits.
    I know you’ve never been a fan of .40S&W but but what do you think of Rugers in .45ACP?

        • The “Commander” has said about being able to find Glocks for $300 and Rugers for $200. If you look at the costs of mags Glocks for a long time went for about $20 and Rugers went for $35 so if he buys more than six per gun he would be better getting Glocks than Rugers especially as most of the Rugers came with 10 round mags.

  2. You’ve written a lot about “Guns I Don’t Care What Happens To Them” (as you once put it) but as far as I can see it’s only been handguns ruger P89 and a “lot” of p95’s, but never say anything about rifles or shotguns in this role.

  3. I’m nosy, I’ve been posting for a long on this site that this will comes to no shock for anyone who has been reading CZ for some time.
    You like Ruger 89’s [4.5″ Barrel] and 95’s [3.9″ Barrel] but what about Ruger P93 [4″ Barrel] , P94 [4.2″ Barrel]? You like the DC [decocker only] models but what do you think about the D [decocker/safety] model, and DAO [double-action-only] models?
    Also do you have any thoughts on Stainless Steel versus Blue Steel?

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