Interesting times

Despite the fact that he never had much of a record either way on gun control, people seemed confident that Trump was/is pro-gun. Certainly, with Clinton, there was plenty of evidence to show that she was most definitely not our friend but with Trump there wasn’t really much either way. I guess now we’ll find out.

Be interesting to see the buying spikes today.

24 thoughts on “Interesting times

  1. CZ,
    On this L Vegas shooting, if the guy was using a bump-fire rigged AR-15,
    it is highly likely bump-fire kits are going to be NFA’d. Get em while you still can.

      • You can not outlaw a stance, I have been bump firing since I was 10 years old with a Ruger 10/22. No add ons. It’s how you hold the gun.

        • I dunno…this reminds me of the hullaboo about how shouldering a wrist brace “redesigns” a pistol into an SBR. I suppose they could try to say that by holding the gun in a particular way, you’ve ‘redesigned’ it. But I suspect that might be a little too much for the courts to take with a straight face.

        • If you think about it you can bump fire any SA long arm as long as you thumb is not wrapped around the grip to stop recoil so the easiest type of AR15 to do it with are the California Compliant ones with out a pistol grip.

  2. In the past he was a good friend of Clinton’s and wrote in his 2000 book “The America We Deserve.” “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun,”
    If he thinks there are volts in it he will be for it.

  3. The rate of fire sounded a lot like an M60, from some of the recordings.
    Also , the flame blast coming from the window during bursts seemed kinda big for an M16.
    Post-ban, bbls w/out flash suppressors do make a nice big flameball, though.
    Surprised they haven’t released the “Evil Gun” list, yet.

    • The only thing Trump cares about is people who are willing to kiss his ass. Now, the NRA endorsed earlier in the cycle then they ever have, wrongly in my opinion. So, of course he’ll show up and say something nice.

      Now, how he will treat them when they are under attack? That’s another story. Just ask Ray Cohen how faithful of a friend he was, the moment it was inconvenient.

  4. Shouldn’t it be remembered that the Midnight Movie, Sandy Hook and Orlando incident all caused exactly nothing to change? Under the Kenyan King, no less. Not saying that at any time we are screwed, I’m just saying perhaps it is a good idea to not panic every single time. Always panic buy ammo-every payday, forever. That is your weak link. But all the toys and guns?

    • Given the burning desire of the left (and a good chunk of the right) to make the president look bad at all costs, it isn’t hard to imagine that they would love to hold his feet to the fire and try to force him to do something that would enrage and alienate his base.

      • I tend to agree with you. The left will try to “shame” Trump into some new common sense gun measure. It fits with their agenda of civilian disarmament, AND alienates his base. This was apparently a well planned attack and passing an insane law to stop insane people from doing evil will not work.

    • Thank the good Lord for Mitch McConnel and Paul Ryan.

      It is the Republican congress that will defend us. Trump has demonstrated a willingness to sell us down the river the moment it is advantageous for his own hide.

      • When has the republican party done anything but look out for the republican party? They will sell out gun rights in a minute if it did them any good. Republicans and democrats are the same. They just bicker to divide the population

        • So, it was Pelosi who saved our asses after Sandy Hook? LOL. Remember, after the Oralando nightclub shooting, Trump flirted with the banners. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan stood firm. It is Republicans that will defend us, not RINOs like that guy in the WH.

  5. A bit off topic but I’ve just looked on Amazon and there are books (kindle) about Stephen Paddock for sale. Some sick people will do anything for money One came (Who is Stephen Paddock? About Las Vegas Shooter and Mandalay Bay Shooting) out on October 2, 2017, the shooting was the night of October 1, 2017. This book must have written before the name was given out. One more came out on October 5 2017 (Stephen Paddock: A Psychopath’s Motive). All I did was look for books with the words “Stephen Paddock las Vegas”.

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