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You guys familiar with ‘box meal’ services like Blue Apron and similar outfits? You ‘subscribe’ and every week they send you a box in the mail with a recipe and all the ingredients you need to create that recipe. I think it’s a tad silly and expensive, but some people enjoy it.

I’m amused that the folks at Thrive storage food have used the ‘Blue Apron’ model to create a make-it-yourself meal service using, unsurprisingly, their freeze dried foods.

I have to admit, it’s a pretty clever way to tap into an entirely new market. However, even top of the line freeze-drieds are still a bit lacking compared to fresh vegetables and fruits that you get at the grocery store. But, one interesting aspect is that by checking out their menus you can come up with ideas on how best to utilize their selection of freeze dried foods.

Anyway, I thought it was rather amusing. Personally, while I have a really good stock of freeze drieds in storage, I think I’d rather eat the wet-pack canned stuff. Given my druthers between canned pineapple or freezedried pineapple, I’ll use the canned stuff every time…my pina coladas deserve no less.


2 thoughts on “FD box meals

  1. okay that is interesting. Reminds me back to the dark ages of Y2k the gourmet meal packs that were made up containing freeze dried pheasant, salmon, rabbit with a side, desert, accessory packet and even a little mylar packaged wine.

  2. My wife and I do the Blue Apron box. It’s not bad food, although honestly it’s not that great either. The convenience and variety of it are the main selling factors. It’s also not the cheapest way to get your fresh food.

    There are a few alternative companies out there that I think we may try in the near future.

    On a related note, have you seen the TV ads for the home freeze-dryer?

    I’d be curious to try out some of that product.

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