Those 10/22 mags again

Ok, there’s a page up for the magazines. I took delivery on a bunch of them today and a few of you decided to go long and took about 40% of them right off the bat. Makes me wonder if you know something I don’t. Have about 100 of each left, so theyre there if you want ’em. Got ’em sitting in pile here so they go out the door as soon as you pay the invoice. Whatever isn’t sold by Halloween goes into my personal stash.

Oh, and they make great stocking stuffers for Paratus, Festivus, or Chrismahanukwanzaka.

2 thoughts on “Those 10/22 mags again

  1. Do those actually work for folks? I’ve had poor luck with the Butler Creek magazines. The factory magazines are the only ones that have been 100% for me.

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