Last couple days to nail down some 10/22 mags. They make great stocking stuffers for the holidays.
Ugh…long day.

I’m still in need of getting out to the range and vetting the last two Rugers I picked up. I need to fire a box of ammo through each to test their function, reliability, and sights. After that, I need to strip ’em down, clean ’em within an inch of their life, and put ’em away for the Deep Sleep.
Speaking of sleep, I’m kinda sorta getting back into The Walking Dead. I pulled the season premiere off the DVR and was…underwhelmed….although I really do enjoy how in eight seasons we’ve gone from mob tactics with pump shotguns and bolt action rifles, to very nice small unit tactics and very advanced weaponry (who knew there were that many MP5’s in Georgia?). Still… for all it’s gore and language, it lacks the grounding that ‘Jericho’ had. I really do think that if they rebooted that show for cable, with the profanity and violence, it would be pretty spectacular.

Which reminds me, I haven’t read any good post-apocalyptic fiction in what seems like forever. I need to jump into Amazon and see if there’s anything worth plunking down some coin over.
And, finally, it feels pretty wintery out there today. Time to definitely get ready to wrap up 2017 and prepare for whatever the hell 2018 brings. Korean nukes? Plague? Impeachment? Xenu? Who knows….but the goal is to be upright and on the bounce when it happens.


14 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. I have tons of post apox in my Kindle account. Shoot me your email with your preffered author and I can loan the titles to you.

  2. If you read a lot, I would go with Kindle Unlimited. They have gotten a lot better with almost all independents offering their stuff. Their PA selection is MUCH better now, too. Not just crappy zombie stuff but real stories. You have to wade through a lot of drek but a bad book costs you nothing but the time to read a few pages. You can even buy 12 months at a time for a good discount, but once the stock market crashes I don’t think Amazon, Netflix, Facebook and etc. will survive that. Shame to have credit with them then.

  3. If you find a truly good post-apocalyptic novel, please do a short book review or post about it. I love a good PA novel, but so many of the books in the genre suffer from lousy writing or ridiculous plots and worse characters.

    If you happen to find another “Lucifer’s Hammer,” or “One Second After,” or “Station Eleven,” or “World Made by Hand,” that you can recommend, I’d be grateful!

    • Thank you for the recommendation of “Station Eleven.” I got it from the library & am loving it – it’s an excellent book!

  4. I’ll be the first in line to watch a reboot of Jericho. I’d let the prepping lapse after the Y2K fiasco, but Jericho lit a fire under my backside to start again.

    Share if you find any good PA novels, please.

    • Jericho was killed by a Hollywierd general writers strike. ( Idiots! Way to go! ) Great show, excellent actors. That was the last series I watched on TV. It collected dust for a couple more years, and then I tossed it. Thoroughly pissed off they trashed it. Not the only show that died due to a strike. You would think they would have learned that killing a segment of the business is bad for employment. Guess not.

  5. I really enjoyed A Time To Die by Mark Wandrey. It’s one of the better PA/zombie novels that I’ve read. That’s probably why it was a Dragon Award finalist.

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