Link – Airbnb: Underground missile bunker

ESKRIDGE, Kan. (AP) — A Cold War-era missile silo in rural northeast Kansas that housed a nuclear warhead 65 years ago and was later converted into an underground mansion is now finding a new lease on life as an Airbnb location.

Thats a brilliant way to pay for the place, although you completely lose the privacy…but, then again, how private can a missile silo be when everyone knows it was there?

Curious? I was too. Here’s the link to Airbnb.

I have no reason to ever go to Kansas but if I did I would definitely spend the money for a night in this thing so i could wander around and examine it.

5 thoughts on “Link – Airbnb: Underground missile bunker

  1. They seem like a nice couple, but I’m honestly not a huge fan of their interior decorating style. “Medieval Castle” is a bit gouache.

    If you’re going to furnish a former missile silo as a residence, there’s really only one acceptable theme, IMHO: “Bond Villain.”

  2. Neat story, but it has a small factual error. No way it can be 65 years old. The first Atlas ICBM deployed bu the US was not until 1959, and I don’t think they were in silos. The Titan missile was the first to be designed to be launched from a silo, and entered service in the early Sixties.

  3. In a similar vein, there’s an ex-Soviet IRBM missile base near Klaipida, Lithuania that’s been somewhat restored and made into an exhibit/Cold War museum.

    I was on a trip through the area this year and took it in, worth a visit. The tour takes maybe an hour to an hour and a half. I was expecting something nasty and unrestored, kind of like the appearance of the bad guy’s lair in Hostel, but it’s been nicely restored. Four IRBM silos in a little bunker complex that’s probably about 20 acres or so. The silos are pretty darned big, I would think they’re on the same order of size as an ICBM one.

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