Post Friday Of Color

I gotta say, I was rather underwhelmed by the offerings during this years Friday of Color’s sale. The most interesting deal I saw was Palmetto State selling complete lowers, with Magpul furniture, for $149.99…that was kinda tempting.

I suspect one reason the bargains were kinda tin was, simply, that everyone has already marked down inventory to try and move the post-election surplus that they were sure was going to turn into gold on November 5th.

And now, the Festivus season approaches. This year has really just whipped by , hasn’t it?

Did anyone get a good deal on anything cool?

And, while we’re on the subject, I’m in the market for some BDU-style pants in ATACS-FG pattern with the usual accoutrements…reinforced knees, lotsa pockets, plenty o’ room in the crotch, etc, etc. if anyone has some reasonably priced recommendations, I’d like to hear ’em.

In the meanttime..keep calm and..well…you know….

13 thoughts on “Post Friday Of Color

  1. I was very disappointed as well. No online sales caught my eye and no in store sales. For the first time since I can recall I had the day off. All I did was stay home and work on my house.

    I can remember a few years ago stating up past midnight so I could be one of the first 20 to place my order for 1 of 20 complete uppers. At the barging price of $369 bucks. HAH wake up peps and get complete ones while you can for under $400.

  2. Didn’t find any extraordinary deals on Black Fridays Matter, but honestly, I’m so greatful for the many fine deals on firearms these days. Solid ARs for ~$400, high value pistols for $300, decent ammo for as cheap as I’ve ever seen it. None of this would have been possible if the Orange Knight hadn’t slain the Hildabeast. For that alone, I’m ever greatful.

    2018 elections are 10 months away, and 2020 is right behind that. We will all witness the most egregious & spectacular display of leftist nonsense in living memory. Bloody vengeance is on the menu. Prepare accordingly.

  3. Not Friday of Color, but a coupla weeks ago I picked up a Taurus 38 snub for around 170 bucks, from Palmetto State Armory. I figure, should the Zombie Apocalypse hit, my non-gunny daughters in law ought have something to make bangy-bangy with, and thin the herd of walkers up the drive. The Darling Wife approved, in advance. Yep, I got a Good’n!

  4. I have two sets of ATACS one in FG and one in AU for the seasons obviously and I like the stuff made by Propper, esp the options of kneepads, not sure if that is a need for you but some cushion on the post-MIL knees is always nice on mine.
    The shirt is also nice if you have some sort of belt system as it removes the pockets on the bottom of the shirt.

    They aren’t NIR compliant, not sure if that is an issue with you as well. Mine have held up well against thorns and scuffs.

  5. I scored some goodies from Blue Force Gear at 23% off, including a new trauma kit and all the trimmings.

    Got some things at Noveske for 20% off.

    Got a new knife from Tops Knives for $50 off, plus free serration and acid camo treatment for the blade (about another $75 value).

    New PDW-style stock for an SBR from Maxim Defense at 20% off.

    Not necessary “drop everything and place an order” magnitude deals, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

  6. I have a stash of like new multi cam in medium regular. You can put knee pads in them. Not super fancy but I can send you a pair or two gratis. If they will fit let me know.

    • I dont think I’ve been a medium in a number of years. I’m usually around a 35 waist which is going to wind up as, I believe, Large. But, I appreciate the offer!

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