Ruger’s new 8-shot .357

Okay, it’s old news that Ruger introduced an 8-shot Redhawk .357 earlier this year in a stupefying 2.75″ barrel. I said that when they came out with a 5″ or 6″ barrel I’d get one.

Well bloody hell…they went and did pretty much exactly that.

Model Number: 5059

Model Number: 5060

I really want one (or more of these). I like the .357 cartridge and the big “N-frame”-style revolver should be an ideal platform for it. Not sure if it is cut for moon clips or not, but even if it isn’t…

I’m a Smith and Wesson fan but when it comes to wading through the apocalypse, the Ruger revolvers will take the abuse and neglect, in my opinion, much better than the Smith (or anyone elses revolver for that matter). I have always liked the L-frame Smith and have wanted a 681 for years. But…Ruger’s GP100 is about the same size. And I have a big ‘ol Smith Highway Patrolman in the safe but the Ruger will be just as big and bulky but with 33% more capacity and a more robust manufacture.

Ruger has done some stupid things in the past but you have to give them credit for bringing out new stuff pretty often.


14 thoughts on “Ruger’s new 8-shot .357

  1. Always loved (most) Ruger products. One of the first lessons an old timer/mentor gave me was ‘…you can pound nails with a Ruger and it will still shoot, can’t do that with a Smith…’

    With my first credit card, circa 1976, bought a RCBS press to make reloads for my Blackhawk that I bought from my cousin for $75. Still have the press and the gun, both still work as new.

    If I could only have one handgun it would be the SS 6″ GP100. There are witnesses that will verify hitting gallon milk jugs at 200 yards. Will have to give this new model a look.

  2. The 5″ looks like a really good hiking/back country pistol. Ruger should make it a package deal with an include a kydex/leather chest holster. I bet the 5″ would fit in Repro WW2 45 tanker holster just fine.

  3. Just sold a Taurus 608 (8 shot stainless 4″) because with that fat cylinder, it was just too clunky. Pick one up and heft it before you buy. The 6 shot has just the right balance and weight. Just saying….

  4. This might put you off the |Redhawk. They have now got the GP100 as a 7 shot, in 2.5″ (Model No: 01774), 4.20″ (Model No: 1771) and 6″ (Model No: 01773). The GP100 in 4.20″ is 40 oz and the Redhawk in 4.20″ is 44 oz. They are also doing the GP100 as a 10 shot 4.20″ .22LR (Model No: 1766) and have a a Ruger Super Redhawk 6 shoot in 10 Auto (I never saw this coming) (Model No: 5524).

  5. BTW, I have permanent hearing loss and tinnitus from shooting that .357 without hearing protection (young and dumb and only a few times) before I got wise and put on some ear muffs. Got to be the loudest noise on the planet. If one were to use it indoors or for self defense, plan on your ears ringing for a few days.

  6. A 4″ GP100 is on my short list.

    Though I wonder if a big ole Glock 20 would fill the roll better. It would mean adding another caliber but it would be a lot more useful if the predators in the woods are say a grow crew.

  7. I picked up mine today. A 5.5 inch barrel and 8 rnd cylinder. A beauty , can’t wait to shoot it. I had saved back some money after paying to send kids to college and other things for others and could not resist the temptation.

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