Oatmeal deal, Jericho fantasy episode

Sweet little deal going on at my local Albertsons. Varios Quaker food products are on sale. You know those packets of instant oatmeal? Well, theyre normally around $4.89 for a box of 10 packets…but this week theyre 10 for $15.00..but if you have their little preferred customer card its another $5 off…bringing it to $1 per box. Nice, eh? And the really cool part…same deal on Cap’n Crunch. Gonna get my crunch on!

The oatmeal will be removed from the cardboard box, the individual packets will be tossed into a vacuum bag, sealed and sent to the Big Nap in the cupboard. Between the dehydrated eggs, oatmeal, canned hash, pancake mix, canned fruit and Tang drink mix (Not to be confused with ‘tang…an edible of a completely different nature) I can whip up a pretty decent breakfast the day after the bombs fall. But, the stuff is also excellent for camping trips and the like. Plus, at a dollar a box how can you go wrong? Those wastes of skin in the ‘poor skills’ community should worship me as some sort of god.
I have the third episode of ‘Jericho’ “Alas Babylon: The Series” waiting for me on the Tivo. Fantasy episode: Burt Gummer picks up a hitchhiking Sarah Connor and stops in Jericho for gas and batteries for his radio controlled graboid-detonating trucks. Gummer Is having problems with the remote control while Connor is pumping gas and flexing, fortunately McGuyver pulls up in his jeep and fixes the remote control using some gum wrappers and leftover parts from a T100 that Connor was saving as ‘proof’. The three of them hit it off fabulously and are comparing notes on how to stretch out fifteen minutes of fame when George Peppard and Jan-Michael Vincent show up in their Landmaster and completely ruin the moment by asking for ‘a whole lotta cockroach killing bug spray’.

Yeah, now that’d be cool.

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