The deals are still out there

This rolled across my email from CDNN.

The sub-$400 AR’s are still out there. I’m kind of a snob and would be a tad apprehensive to run out the door with The Cheapest AR I Could Buy, but given a choice between this and a Mosin Nagant………..

I’ve seen a few YouTube videos where people melt down a few budget AR’s like this, but they seem to mostly run pretty well. The notion that AR’s are for ‘rich yuppie survivalists’ whereas  the Mosin is a good choice for ‘working folks’ kinda falls apart at this point. Give up beer-n-cigs for six weeks and any WalMart greeter in a doublewide can have one.

6 thoughts on “The deals are still out there

  1. Now that the supply of mosin rifles is drying up the I’m finding old hunting rifles for cheaper. It hard to beat a $400 AR-15 though.

  2. “Give up beer-n-cigs for six weeks and any WalMart greeter in a doublewide can have one.” Now you’ve gone and done it, you’ve awaked the great unwashed to the fact they can join the Uber-Kewl AR People. That is sarcasm if you can’t tell.

    It’s been cheaper to buy whole than build (unless you are adding specific parts) for quite a while now. It’s a good time to be a shooty-type.

  3. just about any gun will do to get you a better one. fairly likely these days that a high-dollar ar owner won’t know how to use his and you can pick it up off the ground pretty quick into the festivities. besides i can’t tell if the bullets coming at me are from a 2000 dollar gun or a 400 dollar gun. i’m always surprised, though i shouldn’t be, when i talk to fellow ar owners and ask them how many mags they have and nine out of ten times they answer “the one that came with it”. i shit you not. had a buddy the other day call me to tell me he finally stocked up on ammo for his. he bought 5 boxes…of twenty rounds. i told him put down his latte and order a 1k or hand in his man card right now. and he was prior service.

    • Could just be the alcohol talking tonight (its a good single malt scotch, so dont blame it) but i was thinking that getting an order of 1k or more automagically put you on a list….

      Not that most of us are prolly not already on a few anyway.

      And my packed ammo cans of 1k each of 5.56 are frigging heavy.

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