Return of the Ruger 9mm carbine

What the hell, Ruger!

“Interchangeable magazine wells for use of common Ruger® and Glock® magazines. Ships with SR-Series Pistol and Security-9® magazine well installed and an additional magazine well accepting Glock® magazines is included. Ruger American Pistol® magazine well is available at”

Utterly brilliant if it works. That stock is the most bizarre looking thing I’ve seen on a gun in a lnog time, but being able to interchange mags with my Glock 9mms is a supermegawesome feature. And takedown!? And threaded? Ruger is going to sell a metric buttload of these to people who want a carbine for their bugout bags.

And MSRP is below what a used older PC9 carbine is running at.

Trouble is, since this thing takes Glock mags, what the heck am I gonna do with all these P95’s? (Unless Ruger makes a magwell for them…but I suspect the aftermarket may take care of that little detail.)

As soon as Ruger gets the obligatory new-product-recall out of the way, I am so down for a few of these.

16 thoughts on “Return of the Ruger 9mm carbine

  1. I am intrigued by the use of 10/22 parts and regarding the stock just wait till Magpul gets to work designing their replacement stock for it.

    • I dont think they said the trigger group is 10/22 parts (although it would be awesome if it was) but rather that the design was that of the 10/22.

  2. I have an old PC4 and would like a PC9 as well, but the prices of those, when you can find them, are prohibitive. Agreed on the P series mag well.

  3. Meh. Still not a fan of PCCs. I want a weapon designed for the fight, not for ease of logistics. Give me rifle cal weapons any day of the week. Do you still have that long barrelled Uzi? This would make that kind of antique-ish would it not?

    • Oh, the Uzi was already fairly antiqueish even when I got it. But, at the time, there was no readily commercially available 9mm carbine that would break down into sub-16″ components and be of a rugged military design. Nowadays, an ‘arm braced’ AR in 9mm would probably be a lot cheaper. But, I still rather like the smooth logistics of mag/ammo interchangeability. It wouldnt be my first choice for being airdropped into Mogadishu, but for a ‘just in case’ sort of rifle/pistol combo for a bugout bag I think it would work nicely.

  4. Years ago I acquired a Beretta Storm Carbine. I absolutely love it. Its light at around 6 pounds with a 30 round mag, red dot, Inforce APL, sling and foregrip. This new-ish Ruger looks awesome, and that magwell looks large enough that it may not be too far fetched to see a 30 carbine addition, not to mention the fact that it looks modular enough to see all sorts of other caliber conversions(ahem, 10mm). That said, I know it had that tungsten counter weight, but it seems awfully heavy for what it is…

    • Yeah, Marlin went though a lot of stocks with warranty work for the Camp Carbines. Since this is a takedown gun, a’la 10/22, I expect aftermarket barrels in various configurations to spring up, as well as a nice Magpul stock. I really have high hopes for this thing.

  5. Never had the old PC, but years back I had a Marlin Camp 9.
    It was a learning experience, I “learned” that GunScrubber makes the polymer magazine well soft.
    How did I discover that, do you ask?
    Someplace out there now, is a carbine I “personalized” with a thumbprint.

    I’d like to think somebody out there is enjoying the thing, and MecGar still makes the Smith 59 series magazines in a 20 round capacity, if anybody wondered.

  6. I was lusting after the cz but at almost a grand with proprietary mags it was a hard sell. After the almost inevitable recall and slight modification I will buy one of these.

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