But seas between us broad have roared

Year end wrapups are kinda the low-hanging fruit of the blogging world, but I’m not proud.

2017 didn’t result in any global disasters that would send good folks scurrying to their bomb shelters. And while there may have been regional, or even national, disasters elsewhere, my little chunk of the planet seems to have made it okay.

It was, though, not without some weirdness. For one thing, I walked around for a few days with a ruptured appendix before thinking “Hmm, maybe I should see a doctor about that.” (And came *this* close to earning a trip to Stovokor.) Then, while flat on my back with three different hoses and tubes running outta my abdomen, Montana decides to shimmy with the most powerful earthquake we’ve had in a long while. I was not amused.

Picked up a couple P95s over the year and that was about it for gun purchases, I think.

Didnt have to use any stored fuel, emergency food, or war reserve ammo….so, all in all, a nice neutral year. And I didn’t have to use my AK.

From a preparedness standpoint, it’d be nice if 2018 was gun-heavy. I would really like that new Ruger carbine, a tricked out Savage .338 Lapua, and a Glock 10mm. Be nice to get a vehicle upgrade this year too. But…gotta be a grownup. There’s some loose ends I’d like to get tied up financially and it really makes more sense to do that then to spend money on what is at this point a quinary level of firearms redundancy.




10 thoughts on “But seas between us broad have roared

  1. Thanks for all the hard work and entertainment in 2017. Wishing you all the best in the new year ahead.

    Oh, and “being a grown up” may be the smart and responsible thing to do, but it makes for dull blogging. So be sure to buy yourself a nice new firearm on that basis alone if no other.

  2. Happy New Year, Zero!

    I too am tempted to succumb to the new firearm temptress. The siren call for me is a KelTec RFB, a Kimberly K6S ( looks cool ) and also the Ruger Carbine you mentioned. But since I own at least 38 various guns, my actual need for any of the above is specious at best, and mostly downright lustful greed. Could really use a new ATV/UTV at the cabin far more. Sigh, oh to be rich!

  3. I did pretty good this year, but started the new year ordering the new Ruger PC Carbine. I only added one single action revolver this year, so I felt I deserved it.

    • JP

      Recognize you from MD Creekmore site. How much did you pay for the Ruger Carbine if you don’t mind my asking? Looking to get one also. Thanks.

  4. If you already have several guns, you should probably get more ammunition, not more guns. You will run out of ammunition much faster than you will run out of guns, even if you only have one of each type of gun.

    You don’t have enough ammunition. Nobody has enough ammunition.

  5. Not too much going on preparedness wise for me in 2017. I took a good hard look at everything I had both in terms of stuff and skills and decided that I had way more stuff in a few categories than I needed and sold a few things off. I still have a couple extra back packing tents that I’ll put up for sale next spring. I also moved back to the midwest at the end of the summer, so getting rid of extras was more of the rule of the day.

    This year I need to bone up on my first aid and bicycle mechanic skills and I’m thinking about picking up something like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007KAYCGQ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
    Which is basically a super insulated and super sized Stanley Food Jar. Back in the day they called them Hay Box Cookers. Heat up your food on the stove and then the container is so heavily insulated that the food slow cooks with the heat it has in it. Neat trick!

    Like everyone else, I find that Ruger carbine mighty tempting.

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