Dealer price on Ruger carbine

The Ruger 9mm carbine is starting to show up in the websites of some of my vendors. Dealer pricing is hovering aorund $425, which means the carbine is cheaper than the Glock that the magazine comes outta.

Ruger is notorious for a) using the public to beta test and recalling virtually every new product at least once, and b) allocating new stuff to keep the demand high. I expect to be able to maybe order one of these around…hmmm.. April. But…order I will, mmm, yes.

7 thoughts on “Dealer price on Ruger carbine

  1. They are already have a third mag-well out which is not listed on the carbine page it’s for the Ruger American Pistol [ ] so how long before they start making them for the best selling 9 mms like S&W M&P, Beretta 92 and SIG Sauer P320 (not a best seller yet but now the armys picked it, it so’on will be). One thing I find a bit PC (no joke meant) is you have to tick “I am a US Citizen or a Resident Alien” when you buy anything on that site (that should stop ikea or whatever).

  2. I think your earlier comment on the pc9 is right. Like the 10/22, it’s the aftermarket that will make this rifle ‘king of PCCs’.

  3. I bought one last week. So far I like it, the mag well changes easily and is fairly accurate. I need to put some more ammo through it to give it a full work up. It breaks down nicely and fits in the case for the take down 10 22.

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