Article – Military explosives found buried in ground by construction workers in Pine, Arizona

PINE, AZ – Officials are looking for information about a discovery of explosives in Pine, Arizona last year. 

A construction crew was clearing land in a rural area of Pine on Wednesday, Oct. 25, when they unearthed a collection of military explosives.

Eighty blocks of military C4 explosives, nine Claymore antipersonnel mines with firing devices, and one roll of military detonating cord were found inside plastic cylinders buried underground. 


The interesting part? It seems, according to the article, they figure this stuff had been quietly hiding underground for the last 20 years. Hmmm. Arizona has two large names that might have been interested in things like that…McVeigh spent time in Arizona but he was in prison by late 1995 which is right around the 20 year mark. Then there were the ‘Four Corners Survivalists’ who had their moment in 1998..I recall reading somewhere that they spent time in AZ as well…so, again, thats close to twenty years. But, more likely, it’s someone who got ballsy and walked off base with a truckload of goodies and then had a hell of a time figuring “Well, now what?”

I guarantee you, though, there’s probably a lot more stashes like that one out there.

H/T to the fella that tipped me off to the article in email.

8 thoughts on “Article – Military explosives found buried in ground by construction workers in Pine, Arizona

  1. This is the endless tease of the news cycle:

    I never find the cache of cool buried stuff, and the armored car never overturns in front of me walking along the way and scatters bags of cash at my feet.


  2. All expendable items. Once you write that you burned up 10 sticks of C4 demo’ing a building, whose to say that you didn’t set only 9 and pocket the tenth?

    Twenty years puts it right on the cusp of the taggants era so they may find something.

  3. some one found it. back to the books study rule # 1 again. Arizona, guess they could not find a spot in the empty desert.

  4. “We have no information to suggest that anything nefarious was going to occur or that these were being stored for a future act,” A $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case.
    So,nuthin’ nefarious but looking to arrest and convict somebody for something. Yeah, that’s the mindset to have when you want the public to talk to you.

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