Article – Business Is Booming for America’s Survival Food King

I really don’t see what the big deal is…those countries like Haiti really are..well…you know.

Someone sent me this link and I figured I’d share:

On Monday, Sept. 25, five days after Hurricane Maria pounded Puerto Rico, Aaron Jackson got a LinkedIn notification on his phone from Michael Lee, supply chain and inventory manager for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. “Contact me right away,” it read, followed by a number. Jackson was at Blue Lemon, a fast-casual restaurant in Sandy, Utah, outside Salt Lake City, eating dinner with his family. He stepped outside and dialed.

Lee needed help, fast: FEMA was running low on food rations. In the previous four weeks, the agency had supplied millions of meals to the Texans and South Floridians displaced by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Maria had created a third disaster zone with more complex logistics, having knocked out Puerto Rico’s electricity, gutted its roads, and destroyed its markets and ports. Restoring food security on the island could take months. Lee had to procure millions of servings of just-add-water meals to sustain the victims. Could Jackson provide at least 2 million and begin deliveries immediately?

Article is behind a free registration wall. I’d repost it in its entirety but I’ve no doubt someone would then go tell the Bloomberg people and I already disdain Bloomberg enough.


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  1. Haiti is the way it is in large part because the United States spent years and millions propping up terrible dictators there. If you want to say Haiti is a shit hole you need to add America is responsible for that to a large extent.

    • I have enough respect for people from shithole countries to let them take responsibility for their own choices in leaders.

      Pretending everything wrong with the world is America’s fault may feel personally ennobling, but it’s not. It’s just dimestore douchebaggery.

    • We’ve had some terrible government in this country, too. It takes shithole people to make a shithole; government can help, but can’t do it on its own. Haiti is a shithole because it’s a hole, and the Haitians are turds.

  2. I don’t accept cookies from most sites and I see the free article. It says its 1 of 10 free that I get. Usually on sites like this I stay at 1 of 10 because they track by cookies.

    I suggest clearing your cookie folder, set your cookie acceptance to No or Only with my approval and try the link.

    Spoiler: its about the Wise company; the folks who think 800 calories is a day’s ration.
    Buy from the Mormons- they give you a better than fair deal. Well, actually its a great deal in #10 long term storage cans.

  3. Correction on my previous comment:

    Wise believes that 845 calories is a day’s ration. That crosses the border of lying in my mind.

  4. Z, have you ever had a post on which of the freeze dried foods (from a taste aspect) you preferred? I’m sure a lot of us would be interested.

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