Conspiracy Theory For The Day:
The missile warning wasnt a hoax. The NorKs launched one and it was shot down by US interceptor systems. But, they let the missile warning be broadcast so that if the system didn‘t catch it, they wouldn’t come out looking like fools. And if the missile did get intercepted, they could just shrug and say ‘false alarm’. Meanwhile, unplanned movements by naval and air forces in the Pacific were dismissed as part of an annual joint operational exercise. increased radio chatter from NorK and Japan prior to, and during, the launch has, of course, been unverified.

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  1. Our capacities to actually shoot down anything intercontinental are highly overrated, but holders of Boeing and Lockheed Martin stock thank you kindly for continuing to spend…

    My theories:
    A mongoose or some other critter chewed though a wire causing a short and damn near causing a nuke launch. The warning was sent out just in case we let one fly and North Korea managed to reply in kind and their rocket actually worked. Or, just reverse things with the critter being on the N. Korean side. Or, we tried to disable N. Korea with a cyber attack and the warning was either sent out just in case or wasn’t supposed to be sent out, but someone pushed the wrong button and it got sent.

  2. I love a good conspiracy theory, but in this case I actually find the .gov narrative to be convincing (at least in absence of facts to the contrary). Never blame on malice what can be adequately explained by government ineptitude.

  3. Ya but what is the take away from this? Being pissed and someone has to be fired, or that the EVAC to shelters is FUBAR. Which one does your life depend on. Think about it, Take your time.

  4. My bet? Decrepit, corrupt Hawaii, run into the ground after 60 years of democrat rule, is finally revealing itself in the civil defense department.

  5. Am I the only one who sees this as a good thing. I don’t think the fedgov would have responded to a false report, because PACOM probably didn’t pick up any missiles. I think its good because this event may wake some people up. Maybe some of those people running around in a blind panic will get off their butts and start putting stuff away. Or at least plan out something.

  6. If we had launched an anti missile missile from US soil (e.g. Vandenberg) you would know. If we killed a missile, it was with some secret, deniable, out of country system.

    Do we really believe that NORAD launches our nukes when the state of Hawaii imagines they are under attack? Think of the millions we could have saved on the DEW Line if we were willing to settle for that. No, we were nowhere near launching our nukes.

  7. “If we killed a missile, it was with some secret, deniable, out of country system.” Its an open secret such systems exist. I wont say the one I was stationed at but they can be found in the remote asshole of a few different shithole countries we give to much foreign aid to.

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