.gov shutdown 2018

If they’re “Non-essential” .gov employees, then doesn’t that mean we don’t need them? Or, at least, their services can be done cheaper and more efficiently by private enterprise?

Honestly, Im a huge fan of gridlock and .gov shutdowns. Put that thing in a box and keep it from doing more damage.

6 thoughts on “.gov shutdown 2018

  1. I 100% agree, if the government shutdown goes too long people will see that we don’t really need all the fluff. Imagine a trimmed down lean government and more tax cuts. Sorry mustard still been dreaming as my alarm just went off.

  2. PJ O’Rourke summed it up years ago: “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.”

    Government “shutdowns” merely demonstrate how little we need the federal government interfering in our daily lives.

  3. But come Feb 1, the .mil doesn’t get paid. Next stopgap (if there is one) better have a measure for the .mil or things will get ugly. Not on Feb 2… but quickly.

    I’m all for trimming down the .gov, hell IMO the .gov should only be in charge of the .mil and collecting enough tax for the .mil and the transpo system and that is it. Bring back more states rights. We started off as a collection on individual colonies, lets get back to a collection of individual states. All the laws the fruits and nuts want to pass for their state would be fine then, just leave mine alone.

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