13 thoughts on “PTR MP5 copy

  1. It looks pretty cool. For my money, a PCC’s maine utility is that it shares magazines with the pistol I’m carrying. Suppressing them is pretty cool, too, but if I have to buy proprietary magazines for it, the ‘value’ to me goes way down.

  2. Pretty cool, and a classic design. Them Bavarians have style.

    That Keltec RBD-S has more of my attention. Looks weird as hell, but a 5.56 bullpup in that small a package just makes me smile and chortle.

  3. Word is that Palmetto Arms is coming out with a MP5 clone too but in the $800 range. Still fighting the urge to get a Cz Scorpion ‘pistol’, starting to lose that battle over a 10.5″ AR ‘pistol’.

    • The CZ is pretty sweet. I have one. Magazines are nicely affordable, you can still do the ‘HK Slap’, and there’s a last shot hold-open. It’s got a lot to recommend to it.

      • Not at all interested in .45 but the 10mm has some utility. Hits harder and shoots flatter than the .45. The FBI got it right when they opted for that cartridge and they even forced H&K to correct some of the deficiencies of the original design.

      • I’ve shot a 45 UMP in both full auto and semi only carbine versions and wasn’t impressed at all with it. Felt too plastic/blocky, too Mattel toy like, recoil wasn’t very controllable in FA mode unless kept to 2rd bursts.

  4. i love it, but i’d rather have the longer barrel and folding stock hk94 type. if i pay that much it better add some capability i can’t get with a pistol.

  5. Meh. There are plenty of people making MP5 clones for $1900 these days. Some of them are even real military arsenals, like MKE and POF.

    If PTR can sell their GI-R HK91 clones cheaply enough that the real-world distributor price is $925 then there is no reason an MP5 clone should cost twice that.

    • Except, of course, that PTR built G3 clones on surplus HK tooling that they were able to buy second-hand on the used market. The MP5 stuff required all brand-new tooling at brand-new non-military-contract prices. So, much higher startup costs that need to be recouped.. BUT..If they can drop it into the $1250 range I think they’d get a much warmer reception. I’m guessing dealer price will be closer to $1400.

  6. One of the nicknames for the stockless MP-5 (the K model), was the room broom. One of the police depts that issued it to their tactical teams allocated 7k rounds for a cop to get reasonably proficient with it. Frankly, it’s a joke for most users, without a buttstock. The single sling/tether might help, I’ve not worked with that. When Choate designed their folding stock for the K, it transformed it.

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