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I don’t know if the local radio programming changed, or if my schedule changed to the point that I fell into the time slot…BUT…. what is up with this Alex Jones guy?

I mean, I’ve got a bit of tinfoil lining my ranger cap but this guy is out where the buses don’t run. I mean, I’ve heard all the conspiracy theories, and from people who said them with a straight face and earnest seriousness, but this guy is just…

Now, of course maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the MK Ultra programming by the Illuminati is reacting with the chemtrails and nanobots in my flu shot. I mean, that’s perfectly reasonable, right?

It was like Coast To Coast AM for people who don’t have trouble sleeping.

15 thoughts on “Radio rambling

  1. He is a bit nutty. It’s a shame too, because some things he rants about could be spot-on. But then he goes to the other side of the lake on something…and loses all credibility.

    • All his stories have a grain of truth. For example the “twin towers did collapse”, other then that it’s pure fantasy. His alternate version of Sandy Hook is another example of dulusion!!

  2. Based on what I’ve heard, there’s never been a conspiracy theory where he’s said, “nope, didn’t happen like that. Too far out there.”

    Yes there are globalists who see a 1 world order, yes they believe in eugenics (some of them anyway). But they don’t pull ALL the strings.

  3. I listen to him on shortwave for the practice at night. 4.845 mhz after 10pm. M-F and possibly S, not on Sunday.

    My take is that the whole thing COULD be an act to sell his “nutri-suticals”.

    The biggest issue is people attributing what his GUESTS say and think to him. Second biggest issue is that he’ll have just about anyone on. MANY of his guests are rational and cogent thinkers, Matt Bracken being one, an award winning economist being another. Some are wacky. He treats them all equally and supports whatever they say at that time.

    That all said, part of why he gets away with the truth is that he also has the outrageous stuff on. Like a tabloid (Daily Mail I’m looking at you) he can afford to say anything.

    It may also be an attempt to speak the truth about some things without getting killed for it. When he talks about the clinton murders in one breath and lizard people in another, he provides himself with a safety valve- “Don’t worry, no one believes that crank, he thinks lizard people run the country.” Often he’ll go on at length, making perfect sense, and then he seems to realize it and go nutty for a few minutes to counter it.

    Finally, wrt Sandy Hook, I don’t recall what HE’S said about it, but he has had Sandy Hook ‘truthers’ on the show. When I looked at it objectively I had to ask myself, why DO I believe that the story in the MSM was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? I wasn’t there. I don’t have any primary sources. Neither do most of us. SO, we are all relying on MSM reporting that we KNOW is inaccurate at best when it comes to guns and shooting, and that they are OUTRIGHT LIARS with an agenda at worst. We have instance after instance of them not reporting, or reporting just what they want. We know they make stuff up, leave stuff out, and act as a propaganda machine for the democratic party and the ‘deep state.’ Why do we then believe completely in the reporting on THIS incident? I personally think the primary guy who is pushing the Sandy Hook didn’t happen meme is a nut, but WHY should I?


    • Nick,

      Funny thing is, during his divorce trial his attorney stated that his show was nothing but an act!!! His estranged wife was using his show against him in their divorce. I remember the story because it also said he was paying his wife something like 40,000 a month in child support. I wish my ex could pay that amount!!! lol

  4. Its funny you are just running across him, hes been spouting hus ninsense for years in an ever growing collection of media sources.

    • I isnt that I was unaware of him, it’s just that I was never inclined to listen to his show. I’ve known for years that his show was a wee bit ‘out there’ and as such had no interest in it. ‘Forced’ to listen to it on my morning commute is my first opportunity to actually sample the goods.

      • I’m not sure if the early Texas public access stuff has been pulled down yet but it is an interesting contrast to watch. 15 years of polishing his bullshit game has served him well.

  5. Unfortunately I work with a guy who’s out past Alex Jones in all his conspiracy theories. He says Alex Jones is a paid state actor whose job it is to divert the attention of the Internet and talk radio away from the real conspiracies- such as Queen of England owning Social Security, the “Capricorn One” is a documentary. et al. Jones remains on the air because the number of stupid people in the USA keeps growing. When the revenue numbers curve down, he’ll end up broadcasting on shortwave from a booth at Denny’s.

  6. If you really want a treat have his daily shows e mail to you.
    I read the head lines and then move on but i get the real story..
    He get to wound up about the drone ant that farted in the studio,
    It was palace there buy the elitists they are doing all evil..
    I get close to stressed out enough at work don’t, cannot listen to him
    with out my foil hat.

    But he has a cure for all them men out there that are not MEN! Ya he does.
    He sell all sorts of special vitamins for MEN! And enhancement stuff..
    And from the prices they make a pretty penny on this product line.
    His meds will help you to be a real man! MMM is that what he is?
    Have a nice day

  7. Audible is my go-to driving experience. You can learn anything at a modest monthly fee. Of course, your smartphone is listening to you listening to it but…well, at this point what DOESN’T your phone know?

    • This is the answer. Audible, or there are a ton of excellent podcasts out there for free. None of this “teasing and stretching out a storyline until you’ve sat through three commercial breaks” like you get with Rush, et al.

      Ricochet, National Review, Commentary, or Ben Shapario if you want high content to time spent ratios.

      Of course, as you mention, here are almost all silly politics content. If you want real learnin’, you can’t do better than Dan Carlin Hardcore History + Audible.

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