Chrismahanukwanzakah gifts!

Ah! Gifting!
I wanted one and, thanks to the ‘punitive gifting’ policy of my brother, I now have one:

Nice, huh? And here’s the sheath I’ll be getting for it:

w00t! for Chrismahanukwanzakah gifts!

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  1. Nice! What are the scales made of? This kinda reminds me of my Ek, one long hunk of great steel shaped into a knife with the gripping area wrapped w/550 cord. Ah well, it’s too bad Ek is again gone.

  2. Whatever the hell that stuff is…….


    The BK&T COMBAT/UTILITY 7 has been designed specifically for soldiers and adventurers requiring a sturdy but lightweight combat knife that can stand up to hard use. The inspiration for the COMBAT/UTILITY 7 is the timeless MK-2 FIGHTING KNIFE that CAMILLUS CUTLERY helped develop during the second world war.

    The COMBAT/UTILITY 7 has a 7″ 0170-6C carbon tool steel blade that is tough enough for any field task and is flat ground to the BECKER shaving sharp edge. The steel is coated with a protective matte black epoxy/powdercoat finish for stealthy protection against elements.

    The brawny .188″ thick clip point blade is the perfect complement for a knife that may be used for piercing as well as prying. An integral inline hammering pommel has been engineered into the blade tang and is useful for a variety of military and survival uses.

    The sheath is OD green Nylon and has a Kydex insert to shield the blade. The sheath has a gusseted front accessory pouch that can house survival gear, sharpeners, multitool, etc. The belt loop is large enough to accommodate a GI pistol belt, and also features ALICE clip slots for attachment to LBE gear. The sheath has a “pull the dot” snap loop, and set of eyelets for lashing the knife into the sheath, thus providing dual retention to be “Jump Safe” for airborne operations.

    7″ 0170-6C carbon steel
    .188″ thick stock
    High, flat saber grind
    Coated in black epoxy-powder coating
    Full tang, with trademark BK&T ergonomic scales of GV6H
    Weight: 12.9 oz

    All Feature: devastating cutting power – proven in the world’s most challenging environments.Each flat ground blade features an incredibly sharp blade and the most comfortable hard-use knife handle in the world.
    • Exclusive high carbon steel (0170-6C)
    • 58-59 RC blade hardness
    • Desert tan epoxy coating
    • Becker trademark GV6H ergonomic handles
    • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

  3. Yeah..the way it works is you get your target a very nice gift and they are then forced to recipricote, regardless of the personal cost/incvonvenience to them. My family has turned gift-giving into an offensive arms-race.

  4. anything that has mike stewarts name on it I’m willing to buy. I would go so far to say bark river’s are the best production knives out there right now. (IMHO, of course.)

    Merry whatever. 🙂

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