Grocery shopping sortie

Dammit, I should really wait till the end of the day and do all these posts….

Headed down to my local Albertson’s (“Oh god, its gonna be one of those posts again…”) ostensibly for a pound of ground beef and some Coke. Simple mission. Get in, get goods, get out.

And then….mission creep.

Ground beef..remaindered…$1.29/#. C’mon! A buck twentynine a pound! Youd have done the same thing as me…which was to aboutface and head back the the front of the store, grab a cart, and empty out the bin. Theyre in the freezer now, solidifying. Then its a visit to VacuumLand and then off to the cryo-nap. Total saved: $13.00. Thats like 10 pounds of meat for free!


Infrastructure failure? Food shortages? I laugh!

6 thoughts on “Grocery shopping sortie

  1. This is why I have a big separate freezer even tho I live in a apt. Good on you in grabbing up a bargain and having the brains and resources not to waste it.

  2. No kidding! Ive written about that before. I have no idea what foodstamps would be dollarwise for someone like me but I bet I could eat pretty damn well on them. I should find out how much $ it comes out to and give it a shot.

  3. I teach a life skills class to homeless under 20 yr olds. Many of them have never had a home cooked meal. By that I mean, not pre-frozen, convenience, heat and eat crap. Normal skills just not there in the lives of a lot of them. Learning to to cook from scratch, buy healthy meats, starches, veggies, store and rotate, portion out and meal plan for a week in advance, skills I take for granted… just not there. Plenty of blame to go around but if I can help solve this and I work hard at it then I think any one can teach this. Too bad the kids that need this already think they aren’t worth the effort.

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