Chrismahanakwanzakah loot!

Although I got a bunch of cool gifties, Im only going to cover the ones that fit the genre of this particular LJ. (Although I did also get a cool electric knife for my cooking escapades!)

First off, something Ive been wanting for a while now:

Wilderness Instructor Belt (5-Stitch)

I’ve been wanting one of these for the last year or so and now I gots one. w00t!

further gifting commences:

This thing screws onto the lid of my Nalgene bottle and allows one-handed operation. Can be locked open/closed. Loop for carabiner. Sweeeeeeeeet.

Also a pair of Carharts pants, which are always good lovin’!


One thought on “Chrismahanakwanzakah loot!

  1. I’m wearing one of those Wilderness belts at this very moment. I got it before going to Pat’s class this spring. I also have the all-plastic one for flying or going to court so I don’t have to remove the damn thing every time I go through I metal detector. +1 all around.

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