Rotate and replace – learn it, love it, live it

As I’ve posted before, about a zillion years ago there was a sale on oatmeal at the local Albertson’s. I went long on it and wound up with a five-gallon Gamma-sealed bucket full of vacuum-sealed packets of instant oatmeal. And there they sat. Quietly waiting. Until one day about ten years later when I decided to pull ’em out and get ’em into the rotation.

Well, that means that what came out of long-term storage must be replaced, no? As I was flipping through Costco’s little sales flyer I see that they have 52-packs of oatmeal on sale for $5.99. That comes out to about twelve cents per package of oatmeal. Being the curious sort, I checked the scale and the packages do weight the same. However, and this surprised me, the apple flavor oatmeal packages contain almost 25% less product than the brown sugar or cinnamon flavor packets. Interesting.

But the point is that in the course of around 12 years, the sale price of the oatmeal products has remained virtually unchanged. Which I found rather interesting. It also nice to see that my food storage program has been going on long enough that even somewhat-long-term stuff hasstarted getting rotated and replaced on a regular basis. Go me!

Anyway, these things will get packed a dozen to a bag and sealed up for the Deep Sleep. Oatmeal isnt anyone’s favorite food, but it is very difficult to argue against it’s convenience. Some boiling water, freeze dried fruit to mix in, and you’ve pretty much got a decent breakfast. In the Venezuela-of-the-future you could have oatmeal, fruit, eggs, bacon, and orange drink all out of a can you put away twenty years ago. Kinda comforting, that. Speaking of Venezuela…this was too good to not share:

6 thoughts on “Rotate and replace – learn it, love it, live it

  1. Speaking of oatmeal, I’ve got 5 pounds of rolled oats I need to vacuum seal into one pound portions. Living in central Wisconsin, rather than getting my oats from the store I can ride my bicycle to a farm that sells their own oats. Which I love.

  2. 50lbs of bulk oats is $38 = 76 cents for a pound of oats. one pound of Oats are roughly 1750 calories. when things are skinny, you gonna wish you had 300-500lbs of Oats stored.

  3. We fix it up the night before in a one Qt. Thermos. Three cups water and one cup oats is about right for the two of us. Pour boiling water over oats in Thermos, cap and shake well. Plenty hot in the morning. Goes good with raisins, and a little milk.
    Late risers? Wrap your thermos in an old towel.

  4. Is the Apple oatmeal 25% less by volume or by weight? I’d guess it’s by weight, which is easily explained by dehydrated apples being relatively light compared to the weight of the oats. How do the varieties compare in terms of calories?

    Speaking of calories, the downside to instant oatmeal packets is that much of the caloric value is derived from sugar. Which is definitely better than no calories, but still not nearly as ideal as steel cut oats.

    The plus side of instant oatmeal packets is that they’ll be great for barter purposes.

  5. ” and relax because it will outlive me”

    Wellllll……. maybe. In my ongoing battle with rats, I’m discovering that they really LIKE Mountain House, and yes it does sting when you find half a case of pouches all spoiled by rats.

    I never had vermin for the previous 7 years. Now I’m killing them every other day.

    Lots of things impact your preps besides just time…


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