4 thoughts on “Razzing on CTD

  1. Oh good – there’s still time to ‘panic’, then!

    Gunmagwarehouse has some really good post-holiday sales – 10 x 30-round ar or ak mags for <$100 shipped!

  2. Palmetto State Armory Daily Deals has
    200 rds. of 55gr .223 FMJ and 10 Magpul PMAG P30s for $119.99
    1000 rds. of 55gr. .223 and 10 Magpul PMAG P30s for $349.99
    Both decent deals but maybe after research a better could be found.

  3. *cackle* Too good, like some politicians they never let a good tragedy go by unused.

    OTOH, anyone have the stopwatch time before “gun control” was mentioned on Twitter?

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