3 thoughts on “More gifts

  1. Sweet. If the rumor is true about camillus going under, those will probably even go up in value. (not that you’d do anything but use them…like I would. 😉

  2. My brother said he found the one he got me at a gun show and then at subsequent gunshows found them again but at much higher prices. For the money, I very much like the Glock knives but they dont have alot of weight to them for chopping. One other goodie I really would like to have, and I think would be quite practical, is this guy:

    Seems ideal for cutting your way in/out/through buildings, doors, cars, debris, etc.

  3. I’ve run the entire gamut with knives, and have finally settled on a smaller fixed blade and a hachet and saw for cutting jobs. Still can’t seem to go in the woods without a 7″ blade though, just too damn useful for battoning draw knife type tasks. (plus, its very comforting on my hip in the woods of the Communist state of Maryland.

    I though hard about the tac tool (and I already have a BK9 and a Brute), but ended up deciding against it. went with one of these instead:

    Ed Killian’s tomahawk from K5 tactical.

    Talk about a blade that makes an impression. This thing chops like nothing I’ve ever used before, short of a full axe. too heavy for backpacking, but for the trunk of a car you can’t beat it.

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