CZ550 goodie

So I walk into the GunPimp’s this morning and he seems unusually pleased to see me.
“I’ve got something for you”, he smiled. “No one else in the country has them. I have two. I’ll sell you one.”

In my mind I’m thinking “Oh man, how much money can I afford to spend on another gun?”


This is a standard 4-round magazine for my tack-driving CZ550 Varmint Kevlar .308:

And this is the 10-rd. magazine the CZ USA sales manager brought back with him to the US for the GunPimp when told that the Pimp had a customer who very much wanted some ten-round magazines.

And heres how it looks tacticooling my CZ:

That thing around the magazine is some sort of innertube-like wrap that is there to, I presume, protect the exposed metal of the magazine.

Seriously, is that a cool little acessory for my CZ550 or what? Get me a picaninny picatinny rail on that thing and I’ll die a happy man.

12 thoughts on “CZ550 goodie

  1. Cool!

    But a rail? You seem to have the basic requirements already well covered. Whatcha gonna mount? a flashlight & laser & bottle opener? Maybe the ONE field essential – a roll of TP in a ziplock? 😉

  2. The CZ uses a 19mm dovetail to mount rings. If I want something mroe exotic, say, an IOR scope with a 35mm tube, then I need rings that’ll handle 35mm tube bodies. AND those rings have to be for a 19mm dovetail. In short, a rail would give me broader selection of rings.

  3. Ahhh… I guess 19mm is an odball european size? (sort of like the reverse metric threading on the Sig Tactical)

    OK.. You’re off the hook for Suspicion of TactiCoolness. 🙂
    (though the ziplocked TP mount idea DOES have merit)

  4. Hummmmm

    I may have to swing by their Marketing guys house and get the poop on this one. Cool deal! It is nice that I know most of their gun smiths, shoot with their marketing guy and have even shot with their president several times. 🙂

  5. Re: Hummmmm

    If you have *any* pull with these people please get me a picatinny rail that will clamp onto the issued 19mm dovetail…I think its the one they use on the CZ750.

    Get me this and I will call you god.

  6. lol

    It will take me some time to meet up with the smiths there, they only shoot at the monthly match here in town and it was yesterday. Because of a medical emergancy, I was called to work the whole weekend and missed the match. I will have to see if I can get ahold of the marketing guy this week and see what he might be able to do.

  7. Information direct from Jason at CZ….

    we make one for the 750, they are on order but out of stock. We have some of the 10 rd. 308 mags in stock. 800 955 4486 x335 for parts.

  8. Re: Information direct from Jason at CZ….


    Five on the way. Out of stock on the rail for the immediate future but I will keep nagging. And you have my biggest thanks!

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