Back patting, rust – wheat shortages, Mad Max DIY

Well, better brace yourselves for more gun control hysteria. This is me patting myself on the back for getting the two PTR’s, 180 magazines, and ther ecent bundle o’ Glock mags.
Speaking of mags. 80 left on the group buy.
From todays email, as if the diversion of corn from food supply to fuel supply wasnt something to consider=
Billions at risk from wheat super-blight

Briefly, a type of rust is spreading from Africa to other regions where it has the potential to cause huge crop failures. A resistant form of wheat is on the way but is not expected for several years, time enough to cause problems.

Just gets better and better, don’t it?
I simply do not have the words for this:

But apparently you can buy it on eBay.
Try not to think what a vehicle made out of 3/16″ sheet steel weighs and what it’ll do to your engine and suspension. Expecially your suspension of disbelief since this thing wouldnt stop a .223. Points for style though.

9 thoughts on “Back patting, rust – wheat shortages, Mad Max DIY

  1. You dont understand, its a team effort here at Commander Zero’s Post Apocalyptic Bunker O’ Love ™. Everything I own, the girlfriend has a copy of…AK, AR, HKlone,Glock,10/22, SKS, etc…..

    Oh. And just for you Tad:

  2. Speaking of food storage…

    I remember reading your posts on rice storage, and I was wondering if you had used the same methods for slightly more processed foods — such as pasta and/or oat meal. If so, have you had similar, positive results?

  3. the wheat problem

    is not confined to africa. there has been several rust infections in the us of a over last several years. one of these days, you might find no bread for any sum of money.

    like turning food into fuel, superstorms, and bees dying off; be well prepared makes a good investment for the unknown future. Wildflower 07

    as for the camo auto, just another urban rambo fantasy machine.

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