PTR stock breakage, new books, wind turbines

Went to the range today, as I do every Patriots Day, to do some shooting. Brought a buddy with me. I had switched out the stock on my PTR-91 with an OEM surplus G3 stock that I got from CTD (Cheaper Than Dirt). Put five rounds in the mag, gave it to my buddy and told him to shoot. After he finished firing the five roudns he hands me back the rifle and I notice the wrist of the stock has completely sparated from the back of the stock – succintly the stock broke in half. Bizarre. Now came the big question: why? My worst fear was that there was some non-spec property of the PTR that made it incompatible with OEM HK stuff…perhaps PTR re-engineered their buffer system or something in a manner that was not compatible with the HK stock and as a result the HK stock broke? Or, perhaps a forty year old surplus G# stock made of plastic might have been a little tired and nothing more? Only one way to find out! Back to the bunker, grab another G3 stock (of course I have more than one!), throw it on and head back to the range to shoot. Twenty rounds outta the gun as fast as I can pull the trigger and no problem with the stock. Hmmm…must just been a stock that was on its last legs. be safe, I’ve two more on the way from CTD as well as the A3 telestock.

For those keep track

205 rounds with no malfs.
Surplus stock (non-PTR) broke at 185 rounds.
CMC 1911 mags are still on hand. Quantity left: 76. Group buy runs for another 10 days or until all gone.
New arrivals on the Commanders bookshelf:
Poor Mans James Bond I
Poor Mans James Bond II
Merck Manual
Ditch Medicine
Survivalists Medicine Chest
Self-Sufficiency Gardening: Finacnial, Physical and Emotional security from your own backyard
The US Armed Forces First Aid Manual
Medicine For The Outdoors
Be Expert With Map and Compass
Backwoods Home Companion Anthology

Lotsa new readin’!
Gleaned from arfcom today…DIY wind turbines:

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  1. Some time ago, a friend made a sort of Savonius turbine out of several 55 gallon drums. As I recall, he increased the efficiency by shrouding part of it with another drum part that rotated using a vane to keep it pointed properly. The rotating shield kept the wind off the part of the rotor that was advancing into the wind and cutting the wind resistance down. I can’t remember what he used as a generator. I thought about using something like that up here just for resistance heating of hot water and the interior spaces of the house, as those wouldn’t require much regulation.

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