OEM HK stock, prices, estates, 1911 mags…and some cooking

SO ,how do you make an Evil Black Rifle even Eviler (more evil?)? Well, you send off to Cheaper Than Dirt for an OEM HK G3 telestock.

Purpose? Well from a use standpoint the telestock and the full stock are no different since your elbow doesn’t telescope. What do I mean? Pick up your favorite EBR and hold it at your hip with your hand gripping the stock as if you were going to shoot from the hip. Now, see how your elbow runs the length of the stock? Well if that stock was missing, or radically shortened as a collapsed telestock would be, your elbow and forearms are still taking up the same length of space. However, when it comes to storage and transport, that’s a whole ‘nother story. Difference? Lemme check…stock extended is 40.5” vs. 33” with the stock collapsed. That can be the difference between “Sir, what’s that sticking out the top of your backpack?” and “Move along, please, move along.”

Since I cracked the surplus G3 stock last week and used one of my spares I needed to replace the spare that I used…with 2 spares. Two is one and one is none, mi amigos… and four is…overkill? No such thing. And I figured ‘what the heck’ and got the telestock as well.
Gas prices were a lousy $1.99 a couple months ago and now they’re coming up on $3.00. Additionally, and I don’t think this is just me, it seems the price of food has gone up… and not in a small way. I was looking at chicken and beef prices at my local Albertsons the other day and I’d swear a pound of 85/15 beef didn’t cost that much four weeks ago.
Sadly, a buddy of mine has reached a point in his life where he has to go into ‘assisted living’. Since he was something of an LMI, I wind up getting first dibs on his gear. Unfortunately he was of the old-school of preparedness where you had a truckload of guns and ammo, a little camping gear and that was about it. No water storage, food storage, water purification, alternate heating/cooking/lighting, etc, etc. He had some funny ideas about what the ideal guns to have for the Big Event were so I don’t find many of them to suit my needs. However, he did have a few things I can make use of…a case of Chinese 7.62×39, another case of Seller and Bellot 7.62×39, a case of .45 ACP and that’s about it for ammo. A ‘paratroop’ (meaning tiny 16″ carbine) Chinese SKS, a pair of Norinco 1911’s…A few Bianchi UM84 holsters, some spare 1911 mags, and a few other odds and ends. However, he did have a goodly collection of out-of-print books from the heyday of survivalism back in the early eighties. Classics like Tappan on Survival, Survival Guns, Defending Your Retreat, etc,etc. They’ll go into my library here at the house.
70 mags left on the group buy. These are the Chip McCormick 8-rd 1911 mags w/ basepad. When gone, they’s gone.
EDIT: Almost forgot…started to cook dinner. Put the Dutch oven on the stove, threw in a buncha peppered thick-cut bacon and fried it up. Sliced up a potato and cooked it in the bacon grease, then added a few eggs over the whole mess…oh wait, No I Didnt!…’cause when I went to the fridge for eggs it turned out the girlfriend had tossed them all figuring theyd gone past their useful life. So, here I am with a meal 2/3 done and no bloody eggs. But…I asked myself ‘What would I do in this situation?’..which was an existential exercise all by itself…and pulled some dehydrated eggs from the cabinet. 6 tbsp. of eggs and 4 oz. of water later I had the whole thing cooking away. And it was yummy.

If you ever get dehydrated whole eggs do not be turned off by how the mixture looks. Its an orange soupy mess that looks like pureeed pumpkin skins. Its a very unappealling orange coler but after a few minutes of high heat they turn yellow and taste exactly the way theyre supposed to.

Moral: semper paratus, dudes.

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