More bullets

Man, the things I find….remember the .223 bullets and powder? Well, I’ve got about 1200 .30 caliber AP bullets. These are not pulls. These are the M2 bullet for the .30M1. Steel (I think, naybe carbide, but I think steel) penetrator. Sure you can load them in your .30-06 or .308 but if youre a real hardcase you’ll drop them into your .300 Win Mag or similar cartridge. I loaded some of these into a .300 H&H and they handily penetrated one of those steel sheets they lay down at construction sites for cars to drive over. Price? Best part: Fourteen cents each. ($14/100, $140/1000). Shipping is a flat $9 regardless of quantity. For comparison, a regular .30 caliber softpoint bullet is about fourteen cents these days…at least.

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