37 year-old MH food

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Link snagged from arfcom:

Mountain House: Food that has lasted half a long lifetime

Good stuff. I still have several cases of cans left over from the last group buy, as well as several cases of the vaccuum sealed ‘ProPack’ pouches. Email me if anyone wants some.

Edited to add:

This guy did it right. He felt threatened by something and took a very positive (and expensive) step to prepare himself against it. And the admirable thing is that when the original threat disappeared (the Cold War ending) he didn’t throw the stuff away and figure ‘well, thats the end of that’. Instead, he made the effort to hold onto the stuff just in case…. unlike many of his contemporaries who turned their bomb shelters into family rooms, threw out the dosimeters, and voted to have the city council pull the civil defense funding.

One thought on “37 year-old MH food

  1. at least

    he can eat something good while others cook the family pet or one of their nieghbors. funny how starvation can turn a civilized person into a zombie cannibal in a short time. thats why extra ammo always welcomed in my stash.

    meanwhile, the rest shall never expect the worse until it hits them hard.
    stay free, alive, and well fed. Wildflower 07

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