Political positions on gun control

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I dont normally get too far into politics here because thats not what this blog is about, but I do like this candidates unambivalent statement on the gun control issue.

“Other candidates say gun control doesn’t affect hunting. Now I’m a very avid hunter, but the Second Amendment isn’t really about hunting. It’s about tyranny and self-defense. The Founding Fathers weren’t worried about our being able to bag a duck or a deer, they were worried about our keeping our fundamental freedoms.”

Nice words if he really believe them. Alot of folks go to gun shows and get their pictures taken for a campaign, its what they do in office to follow up on that that matters.

Still, refreshing to see such an opinion.

2 thoughts on “Political positions on gun control

  1. ITS

    been my view that when voting don’t work in removing tyrants, the lever pulled in the hands of those oppose be those well armed with rifle of choice. We live in a world where those whom disarm us, do it so they can shoot us whenever they wish too. no fun if we can shoot back, as bullet holes look lousy on their bodies. a free well armed people stay free against anybody wom tries to enslave or slaughter us wether it be here, there, or anywhere. like to hear your reply. Wildflower 07

  2. Mr. H is the only candidate that has concealed carry permit. His views on illegal immigration concern me, but I would not be worried at all about his stance on gun control.

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