Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 0

One of the interesting side-effects of being Commander Zero is that you have to learn tons of stuff. Stuff that, at times, seems exclusive to the other stuff. Things Ive had to learn so far include rappeling, knot tying, advanced first aid, CPR, camp cooking, canning, dehydrating food, purifying water, basic electronics, basic ham radio, cryptography, map reading, UTM coordinate system, bicycle repair, ammo manufacturing, improvised munitions, gardening, food preservation, butchering, principles of shortwave radio, small unit tactics, home economics, etc, etc, etc. I mean, its an endless list…. probably the biggest thing Ive had to learn is strategic thinking/planning.

Things still to learn? Welding, bulldozer/backhoe operation, more radio operations, EMT/first responder course, more electronics, carpentry, plumbing, livestock management, etc, etc.

Fortunately the internet has been very very good to me in terms of helping me find reference material. All the books Ive needed Ive been able to track down and, lemme tell you, that fills up a bookshelf pretty quick. But, as Ayn Rand said “Mans primary tool of survival is his mind”. Knowledge is power and all that….which I firmly believe. So..back to updating my Amazon wish list with books and guides and handbooks and tech manuals….

3 thoughts on “Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 0

  1. welding will be hard to do after the Big One.
    I suggest brazing.
    Silver brazing, done with a small butane torch, has amazing tensile strength. Not too heat resistant though.

    Mind if I add You ?

    EMT is fun, do it! You’ll love it. I’m going to get one soon. I was a medic in the army.

  2. next thing on my project: self made ammo.
    Industrial kevlar with ballistic properties is cheap!
    I think i will make one level 4 body armor for under $80. ceramic plating is a bitch.

    But well see.

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