28 Days Later

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Post-apocalyptic movies are a fave of mine (surprise!). So I finally caught 28 Days Later last night. Spoilage ahead:

Now, if you come into contact with the blood of one of these ‘infected’, you get infected. Ok, I can see that. But if thats the case wouldnt you make it a point to use weaponry that does NOT result in huge blood spatters? C’mon, a machete??? The baseball bat would have been a better choice. Personally I would have gone for a nice shotgun…kill at a distance.

Also, since you *know* that you want to keep the blood of the infected off of you, wouldnt you dress in such a manner as to cover your skin? The girls father had the right idea with his riot-police garb. The soldiers had the right idea with their MOPP gear.

Rogue soldiers!!!! I knew it! But, really, 28 days is not so long to go without women that things go to hell like they did. The soldiers had a fairly good setup but I think their security was lacking. And did you see the stuff they were hoarding? VCRs????

Pepsi and candybars are not survival food. I’d ahve grabbed every PowerBar in the supermarket. And, speaking of, dont you think that they should have left someone at the door in the supermarket to keep an eye out for trouble?

I suppose this is to be expected from Britons since theyve been so effectively emasculated as a nation.

An intense movie, much more violent and ‘real’ than any of the Romero zombie movies.

Rogue soldiers….ah, one of our contingencies that we’re still troubled about. Tough to prevail over a military unit that has decided to go into business for itself.