Travel rant

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I refuse to make a post that is solely a stupid little quiz, so let me throw some Zero-ness out there first.

Im leaving town tomorrow for a week of R&R back east. Normally, I think of a trip back east like walking into a building burning: its gonna fall down around my ears, its inevitable, I just just hope it doesnt happen while Im there.

Things here in the Treasure State have calmed a little…the fires seem a bit less these days since I can actually *see* the mountains today. Moral of the story: any remote hideaway is going to have to be as fireproof as possible and have its own dedicated firefighting equipt.

One of the Standing Orders to the other LMI is that if the apocalypse occurs while Im out of town, they are to come by my place and take all my gear and stash it at their location for me so the rampaging hordes dont get it. I so did not spend all that money, time and planning to equip a bunch of urban mutants.

Man, I hate travelling….I loathe the idea of being a zillion miles away from my fortified little home. Getting trapped in an airport for days is the biggest concern. But, I suppose if it got really, really bad I could mug a cop, take his gun, commandeer a vehicle, and work my way to a defensible location somewhere.


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