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Some of the links in Zero’s Bookmarks:

Major Surplus – Has some interesting gear and their prices arent too bad. I get their catalog every month and sometimes you can find some real deals in there (Swiss medic pouches $9.95 ea, etc, etc)

Essential Gear – Specialty LED lights. Me and the LMI are quite pleased with LED flashlights…bulbs arent fragile, dont burn out, and battery life is magnified exponentially. Their VIP model in red LED/black case would be standard LMI gear if it werent for the price.

Nitro-Pak – Not the cheapest but certainly one of the most complete. Their catalog is a dream. Good source for Mountain House foods, but a bit pricier than other places.

Long Life Foods – MRE central. Best place Ive found for pouch food.

Army Radio – Good commo is a must. Military radios take abuse, are man-portable, and immune to most civillian eavesdroppers.

eBay Surplus – I find Seismic Intrusion sets, military radios, field phones, fallout suits and lotsa other cool gear here. ALways, always, always worth looking through.

ALICE manual – Everyone has an ALICE pack. Heres how Uncle Sugar says youre supposed to use it.

Best for last: Survive a nuclear attack – Lotsa happy shiny links.