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Went to the Hamilton gun show today. Nothing really jumped out at me. AR mag prices seem to have come down. In bulk, military contract 30-rd mags were about $10. Ammo was still high. Lucked into a guy selling big boxes ‘o bullets. The Kiwi and I snagged 2000 .30 147 gr. FMJBT w/ cann. for $75/1000….a very nice savings. I also saw the only sporterized G43 I have ever seen. It was hideous. Also saw some guy selling a “sniper” Springfield 1903A4….except it had a front sight (hmmm….werent they all made without front sights?), had the serial number and maker data in the wrong place (hey , werent they made so the scope base wouldnt obscure them?) and had a very non-military base (Wow, I didnt know Redfield made a nice blued one piece base like that way back when!). In short it was everything I could do to not ask the guy if he really knew what he was talking about. Sad thing is some idiot will come along and give him a couple grand for that abortion.

But, more importantly, I got a good deal on bullets and can start putting some .308 ammo away for that rainy decade.


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  1. it is nice to prepare

    but equally better if you took the steps to secure yourself a good shelter, clean water supply, and a garden area to grow your veggies in. are you using alternative energies and fuels; using a bicycle to rom about; or even staying in good shape and health. where you live and work now is your post disaster survival haven, unless you were forced by drastic choices to flee, you got to stick it out where you are with whatever you got available to survive with.

    to flee your area forever with what you can move out with, means hard work to re-establish what you need at destination available. those whom think they can simply “live off the land” might have to contend (fatally?) with other refugees or those whom already live there. also you would have to find out your new “dangerous grounds” as you try to secure food, shelter, safe water, firewood, and so on. those whom stayed home already know their own areas where it is never safe to be found in. hope these comments safe somebody life someday. Wildflower 07

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