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  1. bear ridge

    a very interesting blog, stressing just how much dry foods you can store away. should be also pointed out, that stored foods be replenished on a use the oldest, replace with fresher stock system, that way one’s diet is already ajusted to using survival food on a daily basis, not squirreled away for years.
    and don’t forget the other stuff like multivitamins, garden seeds, and spices in your stocks.
    like have stated in the past, once it finally occurs, you will have to work with what you got left to survive on.
    merry xmas cmdr zero, from Wildflower 07

  2. Good to see some more posts on stocking the shelves on a budget. Not only are these methods more long lasting and practical, they are also lighter and therefore easier to bug out with should the need arise.

    I still have a concern about calorie count though, if someone is humping supplies pretty hard, digging, wood cutting, etc. they are going to need more than 1700 calories a day. The twinkies should fit the bill nicely! Now, about my beer supply… (-:

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