MRE trade, ban expiration

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Hmmm….a customer from my civillian life wishes to trade several cases of new manufactured MRE’s for bullets for his .44’s. Hmm.

Im somewhat spoiled…my long term food is Montain House freeze-drieds which are expensive but pretty tasty. On the other hand the MRE’s do fill a niche – food that requires no prep and is packaged for travel. That is to say, food that you can grab and take with you if you have to bugout in a hurry and cant boil water or make fires.

I’ve a few cases of them now but more is always better. Esp. since I can cache a few of these offsite somewhere.
Someone asked if I was going to buy any new guns if the AWB expires. I said no, because the ban affected magazines more than guns and I already have all the hi-cap guns I wanted.

Ok, I was wrong.

I’ve been wanting a semi-auto pistol caliber carbine and was originally thinking of a Ruger 9mm carbine or an AutoOrd .45. ANd then I remembered this. You never know when 100-rounds of 9mm will come handy.
As I metnioned, priority, though, is geting Glock, P35 and 10/22 mags.