Heat, bivvy sack, SU-16

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One of the things I need to do is pick up an extra kerosene heater. Obviously, it comes in handy if, for whatever reason, the primary one isnt functioning, but I’ve become fascinated with this little propane number. I can run it off the 1# bottles (which I keep a few dozen on hand for powering lamps and stoves) or you can hook it up to a 20# barbecue bomb. My main reason for a secondary heater, other than redundancy, is to keep in the basement to keep the pipes from freezing. In that regard it doesnt have to keep the basement warm, it simply has to keep it above freezing…a task I think it should be up to.
Picked up something ive been eyeing for the last couple months. Adventure Medical Kits Thermo-Lite Bivvy Sack..basically a space-blanket sleeping bag…but a bit more durable and with some nice features. Its twenty bucks but could prove quite useful. Other than its intended use it would seem to be ideal for adding another few degrees to the rating of a sleeping bag when used as a liner or sleeping bag cover (its cut generously enough to do so.) Like every other person out in the sticks, I carry the usual space blanket but let me tell you those things are a major pain in the ass. They are flimsy, never fold up again into as small a package, and are tough to use in windy situations. Anyway, I picked this thing up and will be testing it out at a later date. I will be packing it in my Tactical Tailor bag when Im out hunting this year. Ive never been forced to spend the night out on a trip due to unforseen circumstances (ie. getting lost) but Ive come really, really close a few times. Just from inspecting this thing, laying it out and climbing in, etc, I can say that its definitely an improvemtn over the cheap space blankets…would probably be great when used in conjunction with one.
Kel-Tec has an updated version of their SU-16 folding .223 carbine…the SU-16B is shorter and features better sights. Still uses an AK-style gas system and takes AR mags. A serious contender for a Travelling Gun. Would like to shoot one though. Still want the KelTec carbine in 9mm to go with my Glocks.