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2005 starts…..

My concerns about 2004 failed to materialize… no terrorist attacks near the elections, no Mt St Helens explosion, no invasion from the Lizard Planet, no JFK (John F. Kerry), no real big issues. And this is a good thing.

Of course, it changes nothing…..I still have The List of things to get, still have books to read, still have skills to learn, still have experiences to try, etc, etc.

In other news, Im finally making progress on the shelving for the bunker. Ive been building some stand-alone shelving units and I think Im getting the hang of it. I hate ripping sheets of plywood with a circular saw rather than a table saw, but you go with what youve got. (Sort of the catchphrase of the prepared.)

Still need to play some more with my ultraniftyswellcool Primus Omnifuel stove. Need to pick up a couple butane cartridges for it just to have.