How do I meet….

Every now and then you get that “How do I meet Like-Minded Individuals” question. My standard answer, which is quite true, is that it happens organically – you don’t search them out and find them, you just naturally come across them. Today’s encounter is a good example.

I was chatting up my mailman about guns and he says he has a .338 Lapua in a Savage.

“Nice. I’ve always wanted one of those”, I say. “Did you get it for hunting?”
Him: <pause> Uhm. Kinda.
Me: Ah, I get it. Say no more.
Him: Yeah, it’s to keep people away from my place.
Me: Hey, I hear ya. I’m on the same page.
(And then, with the ice broken, the flow begins…)
Him: My family has a place out in [town about 100 miles away]. I was in the military and I just don’t like the direction things are going. Have you seen this Supreme Court nominee? And there’s……

And just like that, there’s another survivalist in the mix. Thats the second letter carrier on my route who is Of Similar Mind. Go figure.

lsekvlspnj9rcrixeataThey’re going to come in on the Mountain House group buy.