Article – Preparedness Month? Bah, Humbug. Happy Paratus Day! What’s on Sale

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WESTERN MONTANA – So, September is National Preparedness Month. After Hurricane Irma blew through, does anyone feel like Americans are more prepared since “preparedness” got its own month?

Maybe it’s time for our own holiday. That will get people’s bloody attention.

Happy Paratus Day!

It’s like Christmas for the prepared individual and family.

That’s right, kids….it’s been a whole year since the last Paratus holiday. The backpack is by the main egress point in the hopes that the elite Paratus Long-Range Recon Gift Squad will deliver goodies to deserving survivalists like myself.

It’s your holiday, guys….enjoy the heck out of it.

The Paratus FAQ

Paratus reminder

Don’t forget, guys…,.This year Paratus falls on September 15th. You’ve got about three weeks to get your gifts lined up.

Also, this is, I think, the third or fourth year of Paratus. Let’s get it some recognition. Ask your online vendors if they’re having Paratus Day sales. Mention it in your blog. Start nagging Hallmark to make cards. Get your friends (and me) something nice.

It’s a fine holiday, with noble intentions, in need of more acceptance among the masses.

Paratus this Friday

As i just said in the subject line, Paratus is this Friday. This is a great opportunity to take the moral high ground and buy yourself that little geegaw that you’ve been wanting…a new LED flashlight, a spare magazine, your own nuclear power plant, whatever.

It’s also a great opportunity to pick up an item or two as a gift for those who aren’t quite on the wavelength as the rest of us. The post about multitools got some comments about how people are always coming to us to borrow our flashlights or multitools because we’re known as the McGyvers of the office/production floor. Well, Paratus is your opportunity to get them a $10 LED pocket flashlight and maybe make converts.

What does the ol’ Zero want for Paratus? Hmm…well, the things I want most are the things I apparently can’t have, so I  need to stick to what seems more attainable… I’d like a lovingly restored FJ40, a chunk of land with a nice house on it, Jennifer Lawrence with a brain disease that makes her an incurable, but monogamous,  nymphomaniac…t’know, the usual stuff.

Paratus is as good a reason to prepare for the election as anything else. For a reminder of what life can look like for us Ballistic-Americans when a Clinton is in the White House you can view this post.

Regardless, Paratus is your holiday. live it up!

Schedule, Paratus, election

Been busy these last weeks. A small portion of it is the usual Zero stuff…stocking away magazines, food, etc, but I’ve also got a buncha stuff in my ‘civilian life’ that I need to keep up with and, sadly, that’s cutting into blogging time.


Paratus is a week from tomorrow. Feel free to tell your friends about it. Don’t we all need an excuse to legitimize the purchase of more gear, hanging out with like-minded friends, and going to the range?


The election approaches. Not to sound like a broken record or anything but whoever wins the election isn’t necessarily our friend..oh, one may be friendlier than the other, but I’m not willing to chance it. Magazines, receivers, armour, ammo, components…..not necessarily in that order, but pretty close.


Don’t feel ripped off…I have some more substantive blog posts coming up. Theyre sitting in the Drafts folder now and I’m just waiting to get some images to go along with them.

Paratus approaches!

Wow, can you believe it’s been a year? I’m still eating my Paratus candy from last year. You’ve got about a month to get your Paratus shopping done.

Paratus, as you know, is the brainchild of yours truly to give us survivalist/preppers/geardos/gear-queers a ‘holiday’ to give us an excuse to get more stuff.

As always, Parartus falls on the third Friday of September. This year, thats September 16th.

Everything you want (and don’t want) to know about Paratus can be found in the Paratus FAQ.

Spread the word far and wide…the more people you bring into the Paratus fold the more likely you are to get gifts from, yeah.

Happy Paratus!

Yes indeed, today is Paratus!

If you’re going to have a holiday, why not a holiday you can actually enjoy and support? Today is Paratus – the holiday of the prepared!

Go read the FAQ and see what’s expected and what its all about. ut, succinctly, it’s a day to get cool new gear, watch end of the world movies, and hang out with fellow Like-Minded Individuals. Religious overtones? Nope. Awkward family get together? Not required. Getting to do cool stuff you actually want to do? Absolutely!

So, my friends, today is your day of absolution…today is the day you can head to Cabela’s, CostCo, Big Five, Sam’s Club, or Bass Pro, and buy the case of ammo, buy the mega-pack of toilet paper, buy six dozen pairs of boot socks, buy the army surplus folding cots, and not feel an ounce of self-consciousness or guilt. Why? Because it’s a damn holiday!

Go! Get out there and flex your purchasing power, watch some zombie movies, and take a trip to the range with some friends. Pick up a little something for your like-minded buddies and wish them a Happy Paratus. (See the FAQ on proper gifting etiquette.)

But, most of all, take some time today to reflect on preparedness…why you do it, what you get out of it, and what you have left to do. Thats the most important part.

Well…that and sending me Paratus gifts.

29 days ’till Paratus

The free ice cream machine, as Tam calls it, has been a little empty lately. Sometimes real life gets in the way, m’friends.

It is worthwhile to note (or at least I think it is) that Paratus is rapidly approaching. I know what you’re thinking…”But, Zero, it seems like I just put away all the Paratus trimmings from last season!”. Hey, man….that’s how holidays work.

For your full Paratus shopping needs, I recommend this list of Festivus items I put together a few years back. For the budget minded they are broken down into the cheap, middling, and dang-you-really-like-me price range.

Given the nature of the crappy storm we had recently that resulted in power outages that, in some areas, are still going on, I think this year a lot of the local people will be getting the LED MagLites as gifts. I am stunned at how many people dont have a good, quality, flashlight around the house. Stunned, I tell you. Me, I loves me some MagLite…..sure the Pelican lights are nice, and sure its hard to beat SureFire on a lot of stuff….but for a $25 flashlight that will take abuse like Clinton’s wedding vows, you can’t do better than the LED MagLite.

Anyway…Paratus approaches! Get out there and shop!