Article -10-story missile silo for sale outside of Roswell

“It might be the safest home for sale in all of New Mexico. I say come out and look, make an offer, and you can have your underground castle right away,” said realtor Jim Moore.

40 feet underground lays an old missile silo in Roswell with a lot of history. It’s a home where you don’t have to worry about curb appeal.
All you can see from above ground is a door to the stairwell. From there, it’s straight down four stories in pitch black.
“If the lights happened to go out, you can’t see anything beyond your nose,” said Tom Edgett.
Once at the bottom, there’s a series of tunnels. Then, it finally opens up into a big room – an underground cave.

Its my understanding that these things are, in the unfinished stages, a mass of stagnant water, toxic byproducts, and endless hours of repair and restoration….but there is still something just really, really cool about them. How cool would it be to have your quaint and cozy ‘tiny house’ of 200 square feet and trapdoor in the floor leading to your zillion square foot basement?

But, yeah, unless its already been done for you, turning it into habitable space is gonna be an adventure.

Trying the new Gen III ECWS

Bloody cold today. Actually, it’s not that cold…it’s simply what its pretty much supposed to be in Montana around this time of year. Currently? +3, although I expect below zero as the night progresses.

Since it was so cold during the day today, I figured I’d try out a new piece of cold weather gear. See, usually I wear my heavy Carhart coat in this sort of weather. It does a decent job, and its tough as nails, but it’s pretty bulky. I picked up a Gen III ECWS parka a few months back and this has been my first chance to try it out and I’m very pleased with it. Like most cold weather gear, it helps if you dress properly underneath it – you cant just put it on over a t-shirt and expect to be toasty.

gen3_level7_400x408One nice thing, right off the bat, is the compressability….the Carhart coat cant be stuffed down into a small(er) package the way this thing can. I was out this evening walking Nuke and I was wearing the parka over a longsleeve ‘waffle’ pullover and a ECWCS undershirt (which I recommend highly for its warmth and low bulk. Buy ’em cheap by the dozen on eBay) and was warm and comfy. I suspect I’ll troll eBay and pick up two or three extras for myself and one or two for the missus.

Not all military surplus lives up to the hype, but I have to say that thus far I’ve been pretty pleased with it. If you’re hunting for something warm but not overbearingly heavy/bulky you might wanna check these things out.

SG stuff, inc. the zelts

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Well, my package of goodies from Sportsman’s Guide arrived today. A couple months back the guys at SpecOps were having a sale on their SOB buttpacks for around $12 or something like that. I wound up buying a half dozen of them but they did not come with shoulder straps. Fortunately, I knew that eventually I’d find some on sale somewhere. Thus, I got these from SG. Brand new, pack of five for $15. Good for he several buttpacks/musette bags I have sitting around.

After that, I picked up a couple of these sleep system carriers to try and stuff my military three-piece bag into. A little compression might(!) be necessary but I think they’ll fit. They’d also make excellent bags to store blankets and the like. Wish they were OD but, hey, you can t have everything.

And, finally, the might-be-zelts. well….they definitely have been around a while. Lotsa patches, small holes, etc. I compared them against the German specs from the manual I have and while they follow the pattern, their dimensions are smaller than what the German ones were. Still, they’ll be interesting to play with and I’m sure they’ll take my mind in other creative directions.


Originally published at Notes From The Bunker. You can comment here or there.

Looks like a zelt to me.

I think I’ve mentioned it a couple times in the past, but one thing I’ve always wanted to get my hands on and examine is a German zeltbahn. Unfortunately, originals (and even repros) are hard to find at reasonable prices. Fortunately, other countries adopted the basic design and, surprisingly, Sportsmans Guide has some Swedish ones. At least, they look like zeltbahns. Check this out. It isn’t that I necessarily think this design is any better than the current ones (although it is much more imaginitive), but I’d like to have one to examine and experiment with and, if I like it, use as a template for a version using modern materials and camo patterns. I have a copy of the original German (translated) manual for the use, care, and specifications of the Zeltbahn and while it’s an old design I think it has one or two advantages of the modern rectangular one. Regardless, I’m gonna have to order up a couple of these just to goof around with. If nothing else they’ll make nice covers for my bicycle when it’s locked up outside.

Jericho, CZ rifles, components, boots, Mountain House order

Looks like the reports of ‘Jericho’s cancellation may have been a bit…premature. It is reported on various online entertainment websites that the network is rethinking its decision in the face of fan email/mail barrages.

I find this interesting for a couple reasons. Across the board every single forum I’ve been to that mentions the program has countless detractors who say the series isn’t ‘realistic’ or that theres too much ‘interpersonal drama’. And yet when the show does get cancelled theyre outraged. Go figure. I think the series has, in fact, jumped the shark, but am quite willing to continue watching.
Finally got my 10-rd mags for my CZ550 the other day. This means the only two serious tasks left for this gun are a) new heavyduty sling and swivels, and b) a Pelican case. Once that’s done and the ammo is loaded I will be done spending money on this thing. In an exercise of fiscal recklessness, I shall now tally the damage:
$600 – base gun
$360 – 5 standard mags, 5 10-rd mags
$120 – Picatinny rail base
$30 – rings
$700 – IOR scope (10×56 MP8)
$30 – scope cover and muzzle protector
$20 – scope caps

So that’s..uhm…carry the three…$1860. Add in the case and it’ll just crack $2k. Expensive? Yup. However, its taken me almost two years and change to get this far so it was spaced out over a goodly amount of time. The alternative is a $600 rifle with a Bushnell Sportview and that would be just silly. Optics and guns are expensive. Spending $600-$1200 for a rifle and then putting a $95 scope on it is a bit self-defeating. If all you can afford after the initial outlay for the gun is a cheap scope, well, that’s better than no scope but after a year or two you should be able to move on financially to getting more deserving optics. Yes, you can spend a lot of money on an accurate rifle. You can spend as much money as you’d like. What I did was spend as much money as was needed.

On the other hand, being able to totally pwn everything within a circle a little under a mile across will be worth it. (Fast math – a one-mile circle means that if you were in the center your longest shot would be 880 yards in any direction…not out of the realm of possibility for the .308 since it wont be transonic until around 1100 yds..)

I still have to buy some spare parts for this thing..a few springs, a firing pin, extra screws, that sort of thing but that shouldn’t be more than a hundred bucks or so.

I took the CZ to the range yesterday to test the new mags and fireform some new Lapua cases. Rounds 3 & 4 out of mag #4 failed to feed (bolt rode over). Reloading the mag with another five rounds did not duplicate the problem. I made a note and will test that mag at length on the next trip to the range. I am very much liking the IOR scope and thus far have no problem recommending them. Heavy, but this rifle isn’t a ‘wandering around the boonies’ gun.

The dot in my scope is apparently 1moa since it covered a 1” orange targdot at 100 yds. Fluorescent orange on white is a bit tough to see. Best groups were .70 and .67 for five shots at 100 yards. Worst groups were about twice that, around 1.5”. (Hey, it happens.)
I continue to be frustrated at the hit-or-miss availability of various ammo and components these days. For example, finding 55 gr. FMJ .223 bullets at a reasonable price(and that’s the focal point here) has been tough. I finally found some after relentlessly hounding my distributors every three days and even then it was only by sheer luck that I happened to make my call the same morning they had a truck come in. Even then I was only able to get one case –6000 bullets – out of it. I remember when 7.62×39 ammo was $90 a case and I was stacking cases up in the bunker thinking this might be a waste of money since AK ammo seemed plentiful and cheap. Now? No regrets. Theres a dozen stories floating around about why ammo and related materials are so expensive these days and, generally, I don’t care why its happening…I care about the result of it happening more than I care about why. However, all the things I hear are of a temporary nature (although on a large enough scale, everything is temporary)…someday the Chinese will be done buying up raw materials, the Venezuelans/American military/Chinese will be done buying ammo, or whatever the reason du jour is and prices will stabilize and, more importantly, availability will increase. In the meantime…well, this is why I stockpile ammo when I can. (And also why a person should reload their own ammo.)
My Altama jungle boots arrived the other day. They look like the jungle boots Ive seen on various feet my whole life. Hasn’t anyone figured out a way to modify or otherwise modernize these things? No matter. For $30 a pair I get US made boots. Good knocking-around boots for summer. I have a nice set of the suede desert boots and they are, hands down, the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Theyre a little big at 10W. These ones I ordered are 9.5W and I think that’s the size I’ll order another three pair at. Go back a couple posts and you’ll find a link to the boot deal. I have such a hellacious time finding footwear I like that when I find something that fits and I like I will buy as many pair as I can afford. Sure, there are websites that specialize for wide feet (how wide? EEEEE. That’s 5E kids! I can walk on snow like a moose!) but my footwear needs are a bit more specific. I don’t need a pair of walking shoes or a pair of loafers. No, I need combat boots, desert boots, Mickey Mouse boots, that sort of thing…and finding those in my freakish feet size can be a bit of a challenge. So these jungle boots, which will make excellent everyday wear as well as good summer duty boots, will be ordered en masse as soon as I can free up a hundred bucks for three more pair.
Mountain House order went in the other day. Everything was on hand except the white rice and the corn. Those will be ready in ‘about two weeks’ I am told. Everything else was ready. So, if you ordered either of those two products you can expect a delay but you can also expect maximum shelf life on those products since they’ll have been packaged most recently.

Mountain House is a division of Oregon Freeze Dry which not only does the MH foods ( a very small part of the biz, I am told) but does other things like freeze drying plasma and other goodies. Since I know theres only a couple places in the country that can freeze dry food on the scale these guys do I inquired if they had any overruns from military contracts. I always ask them this and I am always directed to ask someone else whose voicemail gives me the impression they really don’t wanna deal with it. But this time….success. Turns out they had a hundred or so cases of #10 cans of raw pork chops. Cool, eh? A little freezedried applesauce and some freeze dried vegetables and rice and you can have a pretty decent meal. As expected, like most FD meats, the price was not cheap. However I did order one case to try out. Price is going to be about $39 per can but its pork chops, man! (Normal price, I was told, would be $54 per can…if you could find them) No idea if they are boneless but I cannot see the point to freeze drying a product and leaving the bone in. We shall see.

HK91 mags, FSBO: nation, WW2 B24, mag theory, Flectar redux, 1911 mags

Received my HK91 mags from Lew Horton today. They are all datestamped in the mid/late 1960’s and are in outstanding condition except for some minor wear marks. These are quite obviously ‘war reserve’ mags..probably housed in a big warehouse in West Germany that had a sign on the door “Do not open until Russians advance”. For those interested, esp. since it seems they’ll work in the CETME, the part # is SCHG3E, price was $1.43 ea., and after having 75 of them sent to my door (well, the door at the shop, really) the final soup-to-nuts cost was $1.75 ea. Now let me put that into perspective: during the dark years of the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban a good HK91 magazine couldn’t even be shipped for less than two bucks.

Half of these will go to the good Captain as a somewhat late Chrismahanakwanzakah gift. Should be very interesting to watch his eyes bug out when I pull the cardboard box from under the counter.

Folks, if you’ve got an HK91 or a CETME, skip ordering pizza tonight and get yourself ten magazines. Theyre always a good idea to have and someday they may be worth a lot more than $2.
If Claire Wolfe wants to put her money where her pen is, theres a private country for sale. Remember the Brit that bought the old coastal defense tower and had it declared a country? Well, its for sale. I can see it now – less than a few acres in floorspace but home to seventyfive different banks.

This was actually the premise for an excellent book called “Island” by Thomas Perry. Guy finds an atoll about the size of a pool table and starts sinking barges on top of it until he’s created an island. Sets it up as his own country and winds up having a grand ol’ time…at least until the mob decides they want it.
From todays email comes a link to the heartbreaking tale of a missing WW2 B24 that was thought to have crashed in the Mediterranean. It was found almost 15 years after the war in a Libyan desert. The survivors tried to walk out and their written record is painful to read.
Speaking of magazines, someone asked why I need so damn many magazines. Arent fifteen magazines more than plenty? Mmm. Well, lets say that you get a Clinton-style magazine ban with NO provision for a sunset. And, lets say youre forty years old. Statistically you’ve got, barring any shootouts with the feds, another 30 years in front of you. Now, over that thirty years youre going to lose mags, have them get damaged, have some stolen from your truck, leave some at your summer cabin or retreat, keep some with the gun, keep some (maybe more than ‘some’) squirreled away, keep a few for spare parts, keep even more for ‘trading stock’, drop some in the field and lose them, leave some behind when you need to leave in a major hurry, keep some with your emergency gear, maybe a mag or two for your friends who may be short a few mags, etc, etc.

Now all the magazines you’ve got in your gun cabinet don’t seem like very many when you think that those may be all you have for the rest of your terribly shortsighted life.

So… that’s why I need so many magazines. And spare parts. And guns.

When youre working on the assumption you may never be able to get more, there is no such thing as too much.

Now, go call Lew Horton and get some HK91 mags.

By the by, if youre stocking up for your Glock CDNN has used LE-marked Glock mags for $10 ea.
Sportsmans Guide ‘HQ’ catalog arrived today. The fabulous $20 Flectar parka/liner combo is still there (#AX7M-105655X). If you haven’t gotten one yet they get a thumbs-up from me and about a dozen other people reading this who ordered them. They be good lovin’, mon! I’ve worn mine in some bloody cold Montana weather and have absolutely no complaints. Warmer than any US field jacket/liner and worlds more comfortable. And they look sharp too. They roll up nicely and can be stuffed into the hood to make a basketball-size bundle that’s perfect for tossing in the back of the truck.
As long as Im blathering on about magazines…
My preference for 1911 .45 mags are the Chip McCormack ‘Shooting Star’ 8-rounds w/ pad. These mags are steel, blued, hold eight rounds, come with a handy removable basepad and function exceptionally well. Best part it that in quantities they are about $10 ea. I see them at most gun shows for around $17 a mag. Retail is for suckers, kids! CDNN has ‘em. Stainless? Add another couple bucks. As a good all purpose mag I cannot recommend another that gives such performance at such a bargain price. Wilson mags are great but I can buy a couple of the CMC’s for the price of one Wilson. And since both are quite reliable, why not go with the deal that gets me two reliable mags over one reliable mag?

The $3 gun safe

Here you go:

These bad boys are 120mm ammo containers. (The120mm refers to the projectile, not the container.) These things are the shiznits for storage. It has all the properties of your average ammo can – nigh indestructability, waterproof, airtight, rugged, subdued color – along with one extra feature: can be locked securely with a padlock. The locking mechanism uses an eccentric cam to force the gasketed lid into place…seals tighter than a virgin on prom night.

I’ll save you a trip to get your tape measure: AR, Ak, and other pistol-grip rifles will not fit without removal of pistol grip. An SKS will fit but you’ll have to take it out of the stock. A 10/22 will fit will most combat shotguns.
Specs: •Large Ammo Storage Tube 120mm Mortar •Excellent Condition 44-1/4”long, Inside 40” deep, •Inside diameter 6.75” w/air tight seal cap weight: 21lbs

These things are from Natchez Shooters Supply, located in Tennesee. Shipping weight is 21#. You can trot over to UPS’ website to calcualte shippingt o your area.

I cannot recommend these things highly enough. A 10/22, couple bricks of ammo, a dozen mags, cleaning kit, and all that support gear will fit inside and be pretty much nuke-proof. Toss it under the floorboards of your cabin, in a culvert, up in the rafters or some other easy-to-hide place and it’ll last forever. Sadly, a stack of #10 cans of Mountain House will NOT fit..although if they did it would be uber-coolness.

These things are also excellent truck boxes for smaller items you dont wanna leave in the bed of your truck unattended.

Seriously, these things are great. Heres the link..get ’em while theyre marked down from $13.95. by the way, the printed catalog says $3.99, so order online for additional savings.

AK mag sale, e. German canteens in bulk

Couple of quick notes on gear/surplus:

CDNN has Soviet 30-rd AK mags on sale @ $7.99

And for a decent deal on surplus canteens (New) theres this at Sportsmans Guide.

The canteens seem like a fun buy. For a buck each they’ll make nice little giveaways for a few of the LMI, spares to keep on hand for third- or fourth-level guests during the apocalypse, ‘disposable’ gear for emergency packs, etc. C’,pm, man, theyre a buck a throw!

The hows and whys of milsurp

The term ‘milsurp’ means ‘military surplus’. Military surplus items are items that military forces (US and others) have disposed of and wind up on the commercial market. Usually its legit, sometimes its ‘grey market’ (the soldier who sells off extra MRE’s he didnt eat or who takes some M16 magazines to a gun show) , and sometimes its ‘black market’ (out-and-out stolen items that normally wouldnt find their way to civillians).
For those of the mind to be prepared for whatever disaster is currently brewing off the coast of Florida or making the rounds of the infectious disease wards in China, milsurp offers good bargains without sacrificeing too much in the way of quality. What you do sacrifice is aesthetics….to paraphrase Henry Ford, you can have it in any color you want as long as its olive drab.
Cut for length