Article – Not my apocalypse: a black woman reads a white-guy prepper magazine

Apparently, those darn prepper magazines are a hotbed of coded racial injustices. I am especially WTF’ed by this jewel:

It’s important to note that, despite the robbery, the reader is starting from a place of privilege – even after being robbed, he has a single-family home with attached garage and the “usual personal belongings,” including two cars with full tanks of gas, tools, three mobile phones, a second secret stash of a food and water (one man removed his from behind the bathroom drywall), and a loaded gun, which was apparently of no help in the confrontation with the gunmen. (And was apparently of no interest to them anyway.)

Because, apparently, in this womyn’s world, having gear that you worked hard to acquire is privilege. As if someone just dropped a gold Cabela’s card in your lap and said ‘go forth and prep’. But, this chick is no doubt of the mindset that whenever you have more than her (or people who look like her, have the same plumbing as her, or the same economic mobility as her) that is an ‘injustice’ or ‘inequality’.

There’s actually a much more sinister implication here. This womyn, who is ‘of color’, seems to imply that the ‘prepper culture’ caters mostly to white males. If thats the case, and there is indeed a lack of ‘preppers of color’, is that an indictment of a publishing and marketing industry that is racist or  does it show that the notion of self-reliance, taking care of ones self, being responsible for your own well-being,  and independence from government support is a mindset not supported by the ‘of color’ community. Or, to put it in a very racially charged, but much simpler context, are white people more inclined to resist being in a state of dependency on others and .gov than non-whites? Now that’s a tack the writer should have taken. Rather than ask ‘why is the demographic for this magazine mostly white males’ perhaps she should be asking ‘why aren’t more non-whites interested in this’.

From a devils advocate point of view, I suppose you could make the argument that in our society the ‘marginalized’ segments (the people of color, the ‘econmically unprivileged’, etc.) simply cannot afford to spare the money, time, and other resources since they are already at a deficit on those resources compared to the white population. Or, put another way, if most other racial and ethnic groups are earning less, then they have less time and effort to put towards this sort of thing…they’re too busy just trying to catch up.

Honestly, I know absolutely zero non-white survivalists. In fact, from a strict racial standpoint, I’m the only one I know (I’m 50% ‘other’ ingredients.) But part of that, no doubt, is because I wound up living in a place where the population tends to be rather homogenous. Still, as I diddybop across the blogosphere I find very few survivalist or prepper blogs that aren’t being done by someone not ‘of color’. Oh, there are some exceptions…the ones I have found tend to be less about survivalism and more about ‘urban homesteading’, ‘organic gardening‘, and that sort of thing, which does kinda come into the preparedness Venn diagram. In fact, the only black person I’ve ever even read about who comes close is this fellow. (And I had to dig back over seven years to even find that.) Wiki.

As a commenter to the article said, the outrage the author shows about the overwhelming white maleness of the prepper magazines must be how he feels when he flips through Jet and notes a decided lack of not-of-color people. Face it, some things target a niche or demographic that tends to be very homogenous. And there’s nothing wrong with that if that homogenous nature is due to a simple lack of interest from others and not a result of exclusionary policy.

I’ve met dozens of people over the years who are into preparedness in some form or another…some religious, some not. Some male, some female, Some gay, most straight. Most rightist, some leftist. Most race-indifferent, some rather race-conscious. But everyone across the board was some shade of white person.

Do I think that the prepper magazines out there are full of images of white people and absolutely vacant of positive images of non-white people? Somewhat, yes. Do I think it’s because of a racist mindset? Uh, no..I think it’s because when you’re trying to sell magazines you sell to the market you think exists for that magazine.

As an interesting project, if anyone can find me some preparedness-themed blogs that are run by ‘people of color’, I’d like the links so I can go check ’em out.

The dream is always the same….

Had one of those end-of-the-world dreams last night. Something, not sure what, was going on in California and the news media were saying how people should be prepared to evacuate and not go near..whatever it was. I was in some supermarket pushing a cart as I watched people blindly knock stuff over in a mad dash to fill their carts. I finally gave up and left when I suddenly realized “Hey, I’ve got a years worth of food already. I dont have to be here.” I returned to the house and the wife was telling me how the lines at the bank were out the door and around the block. We started loading stuff up to leave, stacking up guns and ammo, when suddenly two people (looters, I think) burst in with drum-fed full-auto AK’s and started hosing the place down.

Thats when my phone rang and I woke up.

First dream like that I have had in a while. Scary stuff until you wake up. Nice to see that in the dream I was vindicated about some things, though.

My experience has been that these sorts of dreams usually come in three flavors: the end of the world and Im way undergunned, end of the world and no one seems to react when Ii shoot them, and this most recent one – end of the world and Im hurriedly trying to last-minute shop for stuff.

I’m blaming the Mexican food for this dream.

Guns – Non-NFA 14″ bbl. shotgun?

So I ran across this the other day. It is, if the owner is to be believed, a clever attempt to stick to the letter of the law. As you and I know, a shotgun has to have a barrel of at least 18″ or its considered a short-barreled shotgun and subject to NFA stupidity. But, according to ATF, if the shotgun left the factory with a pistol grip stock then it is not considered a shotgun (because ATF defines a shotgun as having had (or been designed to have) a shoulder stock) and since it isnt a shotgun it doesn’t have a barrel length restriction. Nor does it count as a handgun, by the way. It’s simply “other”….but it has to fit ATF’s 26” envelope for overall length or it becomes ‘readily concealable’ and is then subject to federal buffoonery.

So, in theory, if you want a short little stubby shotgun without a shoulder stock you could do it without the paperwork as long as its built up on a gun that came from the factory with a pistol grip.

Here’s the sellers statement about it.

I admit, this thing looks wildly impractical but fun.

Article – Off-grid community ‘The Citadel Project’ gets thumbs up to manufacture firearms

A company called III Arms has just received ATF approval to manufacture firearms. Setting up a gun manufacturer is just a small part of III Arms’ plan, which is to establish a completely self-sufficient community in the mountains of Idaho.

It will be called “The Citadel” and include a walled urban center—10 feet thick by 20 feet high and four miles long—surrounded by rural plots for farming. It is, to turn a phrase, a planned prepper community.

Despite being armed and armored, the Citadel isn’t being made to defend its people from military or government action, rather, it’s intended to be a safe haven for forward-thinkers to weather a social, economic or environmental collapse. It is at the leading edge of anti-establishment living, but it “is not designed to withstand any direct .mil or .gov attack. Nor is the Citadel, in any manner, attempting to provoke any government entity,” according to the project FAQ.

Hmmm. So…theyre not attempting to provoke any government entity. But when they get their 07 FFl they proudly display it and the one-finger-salute. Now, I hate the ATFE as much as the next red-blooded guy. heck, I betcha I hate them even more. But I would call that ‘provocative’. Sure, it’s perfectly legit…heck, I bet you could call your gun company ATFESUCKSDONKEYBALLS LLC. and make an AR called the WACO-15 and ATFE would have no choice but to sign off on it as long as you crossed all the t’s and dotted the i’s. But it it smart? I’m gonna say no. Sure, the satisfaction quotient will be off the scale, but that doesn’t mean its a good idea.

There’s a little bit of heat in the discussion thread in the previous post, so let me clarify – I think the notion behind this ‘Citadel’ project, having a community of like-minded individuals working together, is a great one. More power to you. But I think the scale that they want to do it on is unworkable. Historically, the only societies that functioned on a large-scale like that had either an intense religious belief holding them together or an oppressive government forcing them to work towards common goals. (And while you could argue that the current government is oppressive enough that it is forcing people to band together in a case like this, that isn’t how meant it.) So, as far as I can tell, the only large examples would be religious cults and dictatorships…not the kinda place I want to be.

I do think something like this could work, but on a much more scaled down version. I’d like to be wrong, but this is sounding more and more like a Johnstone ‘Out Of The Ashes’ Tri-States fantasy.

The Emergency Bra

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Sometimes, I cannot tell what’s real and what’s satire. I’m guessing this is…real?

The Emergency Bra’s primary function is that of a conventional bra. In case of emergency, it can be quickly and easily converted into two face masks without removing any clothes. In case of emergency, where no specialized respiratory devices are available, it can decrease the inhalation of harmful airborne particles. Because the Emergency Bra masks can be securely fixed to the head, it frees a survivor’s hands to keep balance while running and removing objects on the way out of danger. In certain situations, by providing the wearer with a sense of security and protection, the Emergency Bra can reduce the chance of panic attack.


I love that last sentence that all-but-implies that this thing is just a placebo for the easily freaked.

I’m guessing us Penile-Americans are left to fend for ourselves unless someone somewhere is working on The Emergency Jock. I’ll take my chances with fallout and WTC-dust rather than get caught in public somewhere huffing into my underwear.

ETA: It just occurred to me what the best part of this is – in a disaster, all the survivor chicks will be running around bra-less because they’ve got these things covering their face. Win!

No, seriously….he did what????

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One of the perks is learning of perps. That is to say, one of the interesting things about the missus is that I get to, sometimes, hear about interesting crimes that have happened here in town that I might otherwise not be aware of. She regaled me with one today that was just so WTF that I had to share it.

Fella is at a convenience store and has a pistol that is in plain view on his hip. So far so good…open carry and all. Fella behind him in line, believing it wasnt legal for the guy in front of him to be armed in the convenience store then tries to snatch the gun from the gentleman’s holster. Gunowner and clerk subdue the fella and the cops are called in.

I. Am. Amazed.

First of all, this sounds like an amazing way to wind up with either an extra navel right above your first one, or at least a major structural re-arrangement of the bones in your face. Secondly, this is Montana..gun racks are standard equipment at most car dealerships…we’re rather gun-friendly. And thirdly..well, no thirdly…its just a major WTF all around.

I’m hoping this makes it into the paper in the next few days so I can get some more details. Apparently the holster was of a retention type, so there was a bit of a struggle. I am very much looking forward to more details.

If this is pretty much how it played out, there was some remarkable restraint shown on the part of the folks who subdued this guy. Someone tries to snatch a gun from me I can only assume it’s because he want’s to kill me with it and…well…as Captain Reynolds says about that, “someone tries to kill try to kill ‘em back!”.