Stock arrival, gun show

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The spare G3 stock sets I ordered from Cheaper Than Dirt arrived the other day. A little scratched up here and there but, dammit, that’s just character showing through. Heres what I got for $9.99:

  • 1 Forend
  • 1 Forend pin
  • 1 Pistol grip
  • 1 Buttstock with recoil spring assy.
  • 1 Buttstock pin

And they slipped in a leather sling as well. So, I spent some time with the Dremel tool fitting them to the thicker barrel of the PTR and now they fit fine. Snug, but fine.

One set went to one of the LMI because, honestly, I like being able to give little gifts like that but also because he could stand to have a spare stock set in case anything happens to his OEM set. Or, if he just wants to get creative and make up a desert or winter camo set.

Gun show this weekend in Hamilton! Picked up a few goodies that I’ll recount later but for now Im just happy to have gotten a *very* good deal onĀ  a bunch of AR mags. Damn but I love me gun shows. Theres a couple military surplus dealers there so you never know whats gonna come home and wind up on a chelf in the bunker.