MH group update

ernunnos : Your stuff is going as two separate packages, one by UPS and one by USPS. The UPS one will prbably arrive first and is on the way.

gwendally : your stuff may take three packages but I think I can get it as two. I’ll have numbers for you Monday.

cjsmith : Same. Yours will go as two packages since it is over the 70# weight limit if it goes as one. Numbers on Monday. Also, your PayPal stuff doesnt list an address for you, so please send me that.

3 thoughts on “MH group update

  1. I am hoping my e-mail isn’t b0rked again

    I didn’t get the numbers on how much I owe you. Numbers plz?

    Did you get my address?

  2. Re: I am hoping my e-mail isn't b0rked again

    I think youve got some borkificationitude going on.

    Approx. $44 to ship 65# to your zip code. You can PayPal it to the same address as before. You’ll get a tracking # in the mail when it goes.


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