July 4th

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Ah…again ’tis Independence Day here in the US. The holiday gets more and more ironic as time and government marches on. While Independence Day is indeed a worthy holiday, I place more value on Patriots Day (April 19). Why? Because without the April 19th events there never would have been an Independence Day.

However, I celebrate both and I celebrate them in the most appropriate fashion: thoughtful reflection while taking the guns to the range and practicing my shooting.

If you cannot get to the range today, I at least urge you to read some history on the Revolutionary War and some of its principal participants. Read the Declaration of Independence. Read the Constitution. Read Common Sense. Do all that and then try not to blow a gasket when you realize that current government would appall the folks that started this country.

Meanwhile, if you need me, I’ll be at the range sharing some gunfire with history.