Birthday, 10 year ’standoff’, mousegun chart

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Next Saturday is my birthday. If you have a few extra stun grenades or a couple acres of arable land you don’t really need, feel free to send it along with a birthday card. Crom will bless you for it.

My birthday list is actually fairly short this year. The economy sucks, people are losing jobs, so why would I ask someone to buy me something expensive? However, this year I only have three things on my list – a Kifaru Scout pack, a cast iron wok from Lodge, and a  SureFire E2D LED Defender. Pretty simple tastes.  Really, though, I’ve been quite happy when my friends just drop by a 12-pack of Coke with ‘happy birthday!’ scrawled across it.

My birthday will occur right smack in the middle of the three-day Missouula gun show – the largest show in the great state of Montana. I plan to spend all three days there looking at stuff I cannot afford and saying hi to familiar faces. Its a great show, always a full house, and tons of awesome stuff there. If youre in the neighborhood you should check it out.


Remember how after the feds pulled off their little stunt at Waco many people asked ‘why not just wait them out’? Well, here’s a case where someone did just that. A guy has been holed up on  his property for ten years and the local cops know he’s there they just don’t feel its worth the hassle of getting him. His original crime carried a sentnece of…you guessed it…ten years. And for ten years he’s been hanging out on his property. Its an interesting read with some humor and a good dose of WTF and tinfoil hattery.


And finally, when shopping for that hideout pocket gun here’s a very handy chart showing the most popular and common ones with their relative sizes.