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I am very reluctant to buy thing exclusively for myself. What can I say, Im a cheap bastard. Virtually all the preparedness stuff I spend money on is a ‘we’ purchase rather than a ‘me’ purchase. But….once in a while something comes along. Books I’ve read say that if there’s something you really want, sit on it for a while and if, after time goes by, you still really want it then go ahead and purchase it. I’ve been wanting a set of these ever since I heard about them…Ive had the website bookmarked for over a year.  The AR and PTR rifles around here use the aperature/peep system of sights so a 10/22 with a set of these sights would be nice for practicing sight picture and target acquisition. Additionally, the longer sight radius and more precise usage should help with consistent hits.

These are the sights that the Appleseed guys recommend for their practice rifles. If you think about it, most of the US military arms use this sort of sight system…M14, Garand, carbine, M16…so, if you want to familiarize yourself with proper sight usage on these military weapons but dont wanna shell out the bucks for the ammo, these seem like a good idea.

I ordered up a set today and I’ll be sure to report on them when they arrive. I’m very much looking forward to using them and seeing how they perform.